Boidheach Adjustable and Portable Sofa TV Tray Stand – The Ultimate Convenience for Your Entertainment and Leisure Needs



Lounge in comfort while enjoying your favorite TV shows, meals, and more with the Boidheach Adjustable and Portable Sofa TV Tray Stand. This versatile table offers customized comfort with adjustable heights and angles designed to meet your exact needs.

Adjustable Heights for Personalized Comfort

Tired of hunching over a coffee table that’s too low or craning your neck at a table that’s too high? This TV tray stand comes with six different height adjustments ranging from 20 to 28 inches. Simply rotate the height adjustment knob under the table to raise or lower the table top height. Now you can easily find the perfect viewing height whether sitting on the couch, an arm chair, or even in bed. No more discomfort or strain!

Three Convenient Angle Options

The tray table top can be positioned in three different angles for ideal comfort. Lay it flat for tasks like using a laptop, eating meals, or playing games. Adjust to a gentle tilt of 7 degrees for comfortable TV viewing, reading, or surfing the web. Or utilize the higher 15 degree tilt for an even better line of sight when watching TV or movies. The angles help reduce glare and reflections.

Sturdy Steel Frame Supports Up to 40 lbs

Built with a heavy-duty steel frame and legs, this portable table stand can handle substantial weight. The steel tray top can hold up to 40 lbs without collapsing or bending. You can confidently load it up with heavy dishes, large textbooks, laptops, and more. The strong material also ensures the legs remain sturdy when extended to higher positions.

Space Saving Foldable Design

When watching TV or using your laptop in bed or on the couch, tabletop space comes at a premium. This TV stand folds down easily into a slim vertical profile that slides out of the way against your sofa, bed, or into closets. The compact foldable design is perfect for small homes and apartments where you need furniture that can be put away discreetly.

Anti-Slip Protection and Spill Guard Edges

The bottom of the legs come with anti-slip pads that grip your floor securely and prevent sliding. Even on smooth surfaces, the stand remains firmly in place when you lean on it. The tray edges have a 3mm raised guard to contain spills and prevent items from sliding off. Your laptop, TV dinner, glass of wine or cup of coffee will stay safely in place.

Retractable Cup Holder for Beverage Convenience

A built-in retractable cup holder provides a place to rest your drink within easy reach. The holder extends out when needed and can accommodate mugs, cans, bottles, and glasses up to 3.2 inches wide. Not using it? Simply push it back in so it sits flush with the tray table.

Sleek and Modern Design

With its black metal frame and black wood laminate table top, this TV tray stand features a sleek, modern aesthetic. The neutral colors blend seamlessly into any living room, bedroom, or den. Looks great in front of your sofa, next to your bed, or paired with your favorite armchair or recliner.

Multifunctional and Portable

This is much more than just a TV tray. Use it as a laptop desk, dining table, study area for kids, game table, bedside table, or any flat surface need. The lightweight 14 lb tray is easy to carry one-handed to any spot in your home. Bring it outside to use as a patio table too!

With its many height, angle, and use options, the Boideach Sofa TV Tray Stand delivers exceptional utility. Stop contorting yourself and enjoy your media, meals, work, and hobbies in customizable comfort! This adjustable portable table truly provides the ultimate leisure experience.

Technical Details:

Materials: Steel frame, wood laminate table top
Product Dimensions: 32L x 16W x 20-28H Inches
Tray Dimensions: 26.5L x 13.5W Inches
Weight: 14 Pounds
Load Capacity: 40 lbs
Adjustable Heights: 6 (20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 27”, 28”)
Tilt Angles: 0°, 7°, 15°
Order the Boideach Adjustable and Portable Sofa TV Tray Stand today and enjoy entertainment your way!


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