BokiHuk Dimmable Double-Sided LED Bathroom Mirror – Illuminate Your Space With This Sleek & Modern Lighted Wall Mirror



Experience your bathroom in a whole new light with the BokiHuk Dimmable Double-Sided LED Bathroom Mirror. This gorgeous modern mirror features LED lighting on both the front and back sides, providing twice the brightness to illuminate your space.

The ultra-clear tempered glass and aluminum frame give this mirror an elegant, minimalist look that matches any contemporary bathroom decor. At 36″ x 28″, it’s large enough to give you a full view while getting ready, but still compact enough to fit most bathrooms.

See Yourself in the Best Light

With dual LED strips emitting a bright, natural light, this LED mirror eliminates shadows and glare so you can check your hair and makeup in perfect clarity. The color temperature is adjustable between 3000K warm light, 4000K natural light, and 6000K bright white light. Tailor the ambiance to suit your mood and needs.

The brightness is also fully dimmable from 0-100%, allowing you to reduce glare in the evenings or set your preferred brightness level. The smart memory function will recall your lighting preferences, restoring them each time you turn the mirror on.

Stay Fog-Free with Anti-Fog Technology

After a steamy shower, this bathroom mirror stays crystal clear with the built-in anti-fog function. Just touch the anti-fog button before bathing and the mirror will remain fog-free, with no need to manually wipe condensation off the glass.

Intuitive Touch Controls at Your Fingertips

Thanks to the intuitive touch screen controls, operating this LED mirror is simple. Just tap to turn the lights on/off, adjust brightness up/down, and activate the anti-fog feature. The touch screen adds a modern, high-tech feel to your bathroom.

Safe, Durable Tempered Glass

The mirror is made from ultra-clear, tempered safety glass for maximum transparency and durability. Tempered glass is 4-5x stronger than ordinary glass and safer because it shatters into small pebble-like pieces instead of dangerous shards if broken.

The sturdy aluminum frame provides added protection to securely hold the glass in place on your wall for years of daily use.

Quick and Easy Installation

Mounting this mirror on your bathroom wall is straightforward with the included hardware. It comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally.

For wiring, you have options: use the included plug which connects to a nearby outlet, or hardwire it directly to a wall switch. If hardwiring, consult an electrician unless you have experience with home wiring projects.

Illuminate Your Bathroom in Style

This LED mirror from BokiHuk instantly elevates your bathroom’s decor with contemporary style and advanced functionality. Dual-sided lighting, anti-fog capability, durable tempered glass, and elegant minimalist design make this an ideal focal point for any modern bathroom.

Brighten up your space and daily routine with perfectly clear, shadow-free reflections. Order the BokiHuk Dimmable Double-Sided LED Bathroom Mirror today!


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