Boot Butler 5-Pair Standing Boot Organizer Rack – Store More Boots in Less Space & Prevent Creasing



Tired of tripping over pairs of boots haphazardly strewn across the floor? Sick of dealing with creases and scuffs because your favorite boots don’t have a proper storage place? Then it’s time to get the Boot Butler 5-Pair Standing Boot Organizer Rack – this compact yet sturdy boot organizer is the perfect solution for any boot enthusiast looking to store their collection with style.

This innovative boot rack comes fully assembled right out of the box and can hold up to 5 pairs of women’s or men’s boots at once – everything from rain boots and snow boots to cowboy boots and work boots. Though it stands at over 5 feet tall, the Boot Butler has an incredibly small footprint of just 10″ x 20″ – so you can store more boots in less floor space. No more clutter from boots lying on the floor!

Preserve Your Boots’ Shape & Prevent Creasing

Not only does the Boot Butler organize your boot collection, but it also actively works to maintain your boots’ shape and prevent creases. Each slot is specially designed to slide inside your boots and keep the form – so you don’t have to stuff them with newspaper when not in use or buy separate boot shapers. The durable powder coated steel, aluminum and ABS resin construction is sturdy enough to hold the shape of even tall rubber rain boots and heavy duty cowboy boots.

Smart Design for Easy Access & Protection

The unique design of the Boot Butler makes it easy to view, access and choose your boots whenever needed. No more digging to the bottom of a pile or accidentally scuffing other boots when taking out a pair. The five slots hold boots individually, allowing you to neatly store and easily grab them. Clear acrylic sides give you a birds-eye view of your options, while protecting your boots from dust and other environmental damage.

Perfect for Small Spaces

Don’t have a large dedicated closet or mudroom for storing shoes and boots? No problem! This compact 5-pair boot organizer rack is designed specifically for small spaces. Measuring just 10 inches across, it can fit in narrow corners, smaller closets, and any other out-of-the-way spot where an adult can stand. Apartment dwellers and tiny home owners rejoice – you can now keep a collection of stylish boots without hogging precious floor space.

Boot Butler 5 Pair Boot Organizer Storage Rack


  • Holds up to 5 pairs of women’s or men’s boots
  • Made from powder coated steel, aluminum & ABS resin
  • 10″ x 20″ footprint fits in small spaces
  • Shapes & supports stored boots
  • Prevents creases from developing
  • Clear acrylic sides for easy viewing
  • Easy to access and organize boots
  • Fits knee-high, cowboy, rain boots, etc
  • Comes fully assembled!

Keep Your Boots Organized & Damage-Free

Say goodbye to tripping hazards and quickly access your footwear collection with the space-saving Boot Butler 5-Pair Standing Boot Organizer Rack. This sturdy boot stand helps preserve your favorite boots by holding their shape and preventing creases – so they always look pristine and ready to wear. Plus the compact 10″ x 20″ size means you can store up to 5 pairs of boots in even the smallest home, apartment or condo.

Forget cluttered floors and start organizing your prized boots the smart way with the Boot Butler standing boot rack. Your boots and your feet will thank you!


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