Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Stool – Comfortable & Adjustable Design



Tired of sitting all day at work? Do you find yourself getting fatigued, distracted, or even experiencing back pain from being seated too long? It’s time to take a stand – literally – with the Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Stool. This innovative stool allows you to easily transition between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting better posture, increased energy, improved focus, and reduced risk of long-term injuries.

Customized Comfort

The contoured back and seat are specially designed to provide lumbar support and relieve back strain, no matter if you’re sitting or standing. The pneumatic gas lift allows you to effortlessly adjust the seat height with the touch of a lever to find your ideal position. With a weight capacity up to 250 lbs, the Caressoft Drafting Stool accommodates users of all sizes while providing premium comfort.

The stool is available with or without armrests to suit personal preference. Arms provide additional upper body support for those who desire it. Fabrics come in four attractive colors – black, burgundy, navy and charcoal. The Caressoft fabric is thickly padded yet breathable, making it ultra-comfortable for all-day use. Its high foam density prevents bottoming out over time.

Superior Stability

Stability is crucial when alternating between sitting and standing. This drafting stool features a broad 27″ nylon base for maximum sturdiness. The hooded double wheel casters allow you to smoothly roll across the floor with ease. Locking casters let you secure the stool in place once you’ve found your ideal position.

The extra-wide, 20” diameter chrome foot ring provides a stable platform to rest your feet on while standing. This integrated foot rest reduces fatigue compared to standing flat on the floor. Optional glides can also be installed in place of casters for added stability if needed.

Stand Up for Better Health

The health impacts of excessive sitting are hard to ignore. Studies show prolonged sitting increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and early death – even if you exercise regularly. Sitting static for long periods can cause muscle stiffness, poor circulation, weakened cores and hunched posture.

Transitioning between sitting and standing is proven to engage more muscles, burn more calories, boost focus, improve mood and increase productivity. The Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Stool makes it simple to reap these benefits right from your normal workspace.

Why Choose a Stand Up Drafting Stool?

  • Promotes movement – Models healthy alternating between sitting & standing
  • Relieves pressure – Regular position changes reduce risk of soreness and pain
  • Engages muscles – Standing works more muscles than just sitting
  • Boosts circulation – Movement improves blood flow to enhance concentration
  • Supports posture – Standing improves spine alignment and strengthens back & core

Key Features:

  • Contoured back & seat provide exceptional lumbar support
  • Pneumatic gas lift offers smooth height adjustment from 22”- 30”
  • Sturdy 27” nylon base for stability
  • 20” diameter chrome foot ring gives feet support while standing
  • Double wheel hooded casters roll smoothly across floors
  • Caressoft fabric padded seat promotes comfort & durability
  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Assembly required
  • Back height: 16.5 inches
  • Seat depth: 18 inches
  • 1 year limited warranty

Give your body a break from sitting all day. The Boss Office Products Caressoft Drafting Stool makes it easy to alternate between sitting and standing for improved comfort, health and productivity right from your existing workspace. Order today!


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