Boss Office Products Upholstered Steno Chair with Adjustable Height



Looking for an affordable yet durable office chair that provides comfort and customizable support? Look no further than the Boss Office Products Upholstered Steno Chair. This chair is designed to make your workday more productive and comfortable.

Effortless Adjustability for Customized Comfort

The hallmark feature of this chair is the one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment lever. With just a simple push or pull, you can raise or lower the seat to find your optimal height. Gone are the days of fiddling with tricky levers and locks. This lever allows you to instantly find the right height for your desk, keyboard, or work surface. Whether you want to sit up straight for better posture or lower the chair for more comfort, the adjustment is smooth and simple.

5 Star Nylon Base for Smooth Mobility

Roll over to your file cabinet or swivel to collaborate with a coworker easily with the 5 star nylon base. The heavy duty base provides stability while the smooth rolling casters let you move around your workspace with little effort. You won’t have to interrupt your work to reposition yourself.

Durable Upholstery Built to Last

This steno chair is upholstered in fade and tear resistant black crepe fabric. The commercial grade polyester fabric looks professional in any workspace while being durable enough for daily use. The upholstered seat back and bottom are also protected by molded plastic for added reinforcement. Even after years of use, your chair will look good as new.

Ergonomic Design to Support You

The contoured seat back provides lumbar support right where you need it to maintain healthy posture as you work. The curved waterfall front edge of the seat takes pressure off your legs so you can sit comfortably for longer. The tilt tension knob underneath the seat further allows you to control the amount of recline. Simply turn the knob to make rocking more or less difficult. ergonomic design along with customizable height ensures all-day comfort.

Sturdy 150 lb Weight Capacity

Not all office chairs can withstand the rigors of daily office use. However, the steel frame and high density molded foam seat of this steno chair creates a sturdy foundation that can support up to 150 pounds. No need to worry about broken wheels, faulty height adjustment, or wear over time. This chair is built to handle repeat use.

Easy Assembly For Quick Use

Why waste time and energy figuring out unclear instructions or fumbling with inscrutable parts? This chair ships ready to assemble with all the tools and easy to understand instructions you need. Simply bolt on the base, attach the back, pop on the wheels and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new steno chair in minutes. With quick and intuitive assembly, you can start benefiting from the support and comfort right away.

Customize Your Workspace Affordably

Outfitting an office with all new furniture and equipment can cost thousands. However, this steno chair provides ergonomics, comfort, and quality at a fraction of the price. For a stylish, functional chair that will stand the test of time, you can’t beat the value. Choose from multiple colors and fabric types to match your existing decor or breathe new life into a space.

Don’t settle for an uncomfortable or poor quality office chair. The Boss Office Products Upholstered Steno Chair provides customizable support and smooth mobility at an affordable price point. Whether you use it at your desk job, in your home office, or on the go, it will keep you rolling in comfort. Order yours today to take your workspace to the next level!


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