Braun 83M Foil and Cutter Compatible with Series 8 Shavers



Keep your Braun Series 8 electric shaver performing like new with this replacement foil and cutter cassette. Designed exclusively for compatibility with Braun models 8320s, 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, 8350s, 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc, 8385cc, 8390cc, and 8391cc, this replacement part will restore the closeness and comfort of your original Braun shaver.

Precision German Engineering

Braun has been engineering quality grooming tools in Germany for nearly 100 years. Their experience shows in the fine tolerances and durable materials used to construct the foil and cutter system in your Series 8 shaver. This replacement cassette matches those same exacting standards for fit and function so you can continue enjoying the Braun shaving experience.

Refresh the Heart of Your Shaver

The foil and cutters do the hard work in any electric shaver, gliding over contours while capturing stubble for a smooth result. But over time, the friction of daily shaving dulls and wears this vital components. Replacing the cassette restores the performance of your Braun to like-new condition. The ultra-thin foil glides easily over skin while optimized cutter geometry efficiently lifts and cuts each hair.

Easy to Install

Installing this replacement cassette takes just seconds. Simply push down the release buttons on each side of your Series 8 shaver head and lift it off. Slide the new foil and cutter cassette into place until it clicks securely on both sides. You’ll get a perfect fit along with restored shaving closeness and comfort.

Reliable Long-Term Performance

Braun specially designs its foils and cutters to provide durability and longevity. The protective comfort foil helps shield skin from irritation. Underneath, the cutter block holds individual cutters tensioned for efficient cutting. German engineering and quality manufacturing ensure each part will maintain precise tolerances shave after shave.

Compatible Braun Models:

  • Braun Series 8 8320s
  • Braun Series 8 8325s
  • Braun Series 8 8330s
  • Braun Series 8 8340s
  • Braun Series 8 8345s
  • Braun Series 8 8350s
  • Braun Series 8 8360cc
  • Braun Series 8 8365cc
  • Braun Series 8 8370cc
  • Braun Series 8 8371cc
  • Braun Series 8 8380cc
  • Braun Series 8 8385cc
  • Braun Series 8 8390cc
  • Braun Series 8 8391cc

What’s Included

  • 1 x Foil and Cutter Cassette

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our replacement parts. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’re backed by our money-back promise. We want you to enjoy the close, comfortable shave your Braun was designed to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this come with both the foil and cutter block?

A: Yes, this replacement part includes both the comfort foil and the cutter block. It replaces the entire shaving head cassette.

Q: Will this fit my specific Braun Series 8 model?

A: This cassette is precisely designed for compatibility with Braun models 8320s, 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, 8350s, 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc, 8385cc, 8390cc, and 8391cc only. It will not fit any other Braun shavers.

Q: How often should the cassette be replaced?

A: For optimal performance, plan on replacing the foil and cutter cassette every 18 months. Though your individual replacement timing may vary depending on your beard coarseness and frequency of use.

Q: Can I replace just the foil or just the cutters?

A: This cassette is designed as an all-in-one replacement head. The foil and cutters wear together, so replacing both at the same time is recommended.

Don’t settle for subpar performance from a worn shaver head. Refresh your Braun with this original replacement cassette. Just click add to cart to restore like-new closeness and comfort.


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