Braun KF5650BK Pure Flavor Coffee Maker, 14 cup, Black



Wake up to pure coffee flavor every morning with the Braun KF5650BK Pure Flavor Coffee Maker. This innovative 14-cup coffee machine allows you to brew a pot of joe just the way you like it, unlocking the full flavor potential of your favorite coffee beans.

Brew Your Best Cup with BrewChoice Plus

The BrewChoice Plus system gives you complete control over the brewing process. Simply select from fast, regular, bold, or over ice settings to create a customized cup tailored to your preferences.

The fast brew mode can brew a full pot up to 20% faster than standard settings, perfect for busy mornings when you need caffeine in a hurry. Or select the bold setting for a more intense, full-bodied flavor that stands up to milk and sweeteners.

The over ice mode is specially designed to optimize the brewing process when making iced coffee, ensuring the robust taste you expect isn’t diluted when poured over ice. No matter how you take your coffee, BrewChoice Plus allows you to make your perfect cup every time.

Keep Coffee Warm and Flavorful with the FlavorCarafe

Coffee is best when it’s hot and fresh, and the patented FlavorCarafe technology helps maintain optimal drinking temperature while sealing in aromatic flavor.

The stainless steel thermal carafe is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to lock in heat. Coffee stays piping hot for hours after brewing is complete.

But unlike lesser thermal carafes, the FlavorCarafe is uniquely designed to also preserve the complex flavors and aromas that make coffee so enjoyable. The lid seals tight to prevent evaporative loss, ensuring your morning cup tastes just as rich hours after brewing as it did immediately after the cycle finished.

Stay Warm with the Adjustable Warming Plate

Once brewing is complete, the Braun KF5650BK keeps your pot of coffee at the ideal temperature for consumption. The SteadyTemp warming plate allows you to customize the heat settings – low, medium or high.

Set it to high to keep an entire pot piping hot for up to 4 hours, perfect for weekend mornings when you want to leisurely sip cup after cup. Or use the low setting just to take the chill off if you don’t plan to drink the whole batch right away.

With SteadyTemp technology, you don’t have to worry about burnt or bitter flavor. The coffee maintains its integrity while staying ready to enjoy for hours.

Intuitive Touch Display and Programmable Timer

The Braun KF5650BK coffee maker is effortlessly easy to operate thanks to the intuitive touch display. All the programming options and settings are clearly laid out on the sleek digital interface.

Easily set the clock or program the 24-hour timer so you can wake up to automatically brewed coffee. The display lets you know exactly where you are in the brewing process for perfect timing.

The front-facing water window makes it easy to see the water level and ensures accurate filling every time. And the handy brew-ready alarm beeps when your coffee is finished, so you know just when to pour a cup.

Pure Coffee Flavor Unlocked

Whether you prefer a strong dark roast first thing in the morning or a refreshing iced coffee to help beat the afternoon slump, the Braun KF5650BK Pure Flavor Coffee Maker has you covered. Its innovative features are designed to unlock the full potential of your favorite beans.

BrewChoice Plus gives you granular control over flavor and body to customize each cup. The FlavorCarafe seals in heat while preventing aromatic evaporative loss. SteadyTemp warming keeps each batch at the ideal temperature for hours on end without burning. And the intuitive controls make it simple to program your perfect cup.

If you’re ready to experience better home-brewed coffee, look no further than the Braun KF5650BK. Your taste buds will thank you.

Key Features:

  • BrewChoice Plus allows you to select from fast, regular, bold or over ice settings
  • Fast brew mode can produce a full 14-cup pot up to 20% faster
  • FlavorCarafe is specially designed to maintain heat while sealing in flavor and aroma
  • Adjustable SteadyTemp warming plate keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours
  • Sleek touch display with 24-hour programmable timer for customized brewing
  • Front-facing water window for easy and accurate filling
  • Brew-ready alarm signals when coffee is ready to pour

Experience pure coffee enjoyment and order the Braun KF5650BK Coffee Maker today!


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