Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine – Brew Barista-Quality Coffee with Ease



Wake up to a perfect cup of coffee every morning with the Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine. This versatile machine lets you easily brew up to 10 cups of rich, flavorful coffee just the way you like it.

Customize Your Brew

The Braun MultiServe coffee maker features 7 different brew sizes so you can make anything from a single cup to a full pot of coffee. It also has 3 strength settings – regular, bold, or extra bold. Select regular for a smooth, well-balanced cup or go bold or extra bold for a stronger, more intense coffee flavor. There’s also an iced coffee setting that automatically doubles the strength and pours over ice for refreshing chilled coffee drinks.

Fresh, Hot Coffee in Minutes

Thanks to Braun’s PureFlavor brewing technology, this coffee machine delivers hot, great-tasting coffee fast. The 24-hour programmable timer lets you wake up to a fresh pot ready and waiting. Or use the 1-4 cup brew feature to quickly make a fresh batch for just you.

Carafe Brewing for Full Flavor

The Braun MultiServe brews directly into a 10-cup glass carafe, allowing the coffee’s oils to properly extract for optimal flavor. The carafe’s drip-free pour spout ensures smooth, mess-free serving. An easy-to-view water window shows how many cups of coffee are left.

Customize Strength and Size

With 7 different brew sizes ranging from a 4 oz ristretto to a 10 cup pot, you can customize each cup of coffee to suit your tastes. The regular, bold, and extra bold strength settings let you dial in the intensity.

Iced Coffee Setting

A specially designed iced coffee cycle brews a concentrated batch ideal for pouring over ice. It automatically doubles the strength so you get rich, cold-brew-style iced coffee at home.

Hot Water for Tea

The included hot water function heats water to piping hot temperatures optimal for brewing teas, hot cocoa, instant soups, oatmeal and more.

Sleek, User-Friendly Design

Featuring premium stainless steel accents and user-friendly controls, this coffee machine looks great on any countertop. The intuitive LCD display clearly shows your selections. Programming the 24-hour auto brew timer is simple.

Easy to Clean

The dishwasher-safe glass carafe, filter basket and other removable parts make cleanup a breeze. The stainless steel and black plastic exterior simply wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Peace of Mind with Braun

Braun is a leading global brand known for quality and reliability. Their coffee makers are engineered and tested in Germany. Enjoy years of great tasting coffee with the Braun MultiServe coffee machine.

What’s Included

  • Braun MultiServe coffee machine
  • 10-cup glass carafe
  • Gold tone coffee filter
  • User manual

Key Features

  • 7 brew sizes: 4 oz ristretto, 5 oz espresso, 6 oz coffee, 8 oz coffee, 10 oz travel mug, 20 oz travel mug, 10 cup carafe
  • 3 coffee strength options: regular, bold, extra bold
  • Iced coffee setting
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • 1-4 cup brewing
  • Hot water dispenser for tea
  • Easy to use LCD display
  • Premium stainless steel accents
  • Dishwasher safe parts

Treat yourself to coffeehouse-style brews in your own home every morning with the Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine. Order yours today!


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