Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, 16 Rolls



Clean smarter, not harder, with Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels. These innovative paper towels come with three versatile sheet size options – quarter, half and full – so you only use what you need for each task. No more waste!

Choose Your Sheet Size for Less Waste

Brawny Tear-A-Square is the only paper towel that allows you to tear off just what you need. Go for the quarter sheet when tackling small spills and wiping up crumbs. Use the half sheet for more substantial but manageable messes. And pull out the full sheet when you’ve got a big clean-up job to handle. With Brawny’s tear-off flexibility, you’ll save money by making each roll last longer and reducing unnecessary waste.

Strong and Absorbent for Tough Messes

Don’t let the flexibility of the Tear-A-Square fool you – these paper towels are still 100% Brawny strong. Made from 2 layers of durable paper material, these towels quickly soak up spills and wipe messes clean. The Brawny difference means you can count on these paper towels to be extra absorbent and tough enough to handle even your stickiest, sauciest or muddiest household disasters.

128 Sheets Per Roll = 2 Regular Rolls

Each Brawny Tear-A-Square roll has 128 sheets of paper towel goodness. That makes these double rolls equal to two regular paper towel rolls. With 16 rolls included in this value pack, you’re getting the equivalent of 32 regular rolls of Brawny absorbency! Stock up on this household essential to save future trips to the store.

Versatile Size Options

Quarter Sheets:

Wipe up small spills and crumbs
Dust furniture
Clean fingerprints or smudges
Half Sheets:

Absorb larger spills
Clean countertops
Dry hands
Full Sheets:

Tackle big messes
Pick up pet accidents
Clean large areas like tables

Key Features

  • Quarters sheets help reduce waste
  • Each 2-ply double roll has 128 sheets
  • Strong and absorbent Brawny quality
  • Three size options: quarter, half and full sheets
  • 16 double rolls equal 32 regular rolls
  • 11 x 5.5 inch sheet size

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Brawny believes in the quality of their Tear-A-Square paper towels. If you aren’t completely satisfied, they’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Pick up a pack of these innovative paper towels at your local retailer or online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sheets are on each roll?

Each double roll contains 128 sheets.

How long will one roll last?

How quickly you go through a roll depends on your usage. The tear-off flexibility does help rolls last longer by reducing unnecessary waste. On average, expect each double roll to last approximately one week.

Can you only tear off quarter sheets?

No, Brawny’s unique perforation allows you to tear off quarter sheets, half sheets or full sheets. Use your discretion to take only what you need for the task.

Are the sheets softer or harder than regular Brawny towels?

The Tear-A-Square towels maintain the same soft, absorbent feel that you expect from Brawny paper towels. They are made from 2 layers of durable paper material.

Do the sheets feel thinner than regular paper towels?

While the quarter and half sheets are smaller in size than a full sheet, the thickness and quality is the same. Each sheet has 2 ply.

Are they safe for cleaning?

Yes, these paper towels are unbleached and safe to use for all your household cleaning tasks. They are durable enough for any mess!

Where are these paper towels made?

Brawny paper towels are proudly made in the USA.

Do you need a special dispenser for the tear-off sheets?

Nope! These will work with any standard paper towel dispenser. The unique perforation allows you to tear off just what you need.

Experience less waste and more convenience with Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels!


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