Breville BR-1 Mesh Filter Basket for Select Breville Juicers



Unlock the Full Power of Your Breville Juicer with the BR-1 Replacement Filter Basket

If you own a Breville JE95XL, JE98XL, or BJE200XL juicer, you know just how powerful and efficient these machines are at juicing fruits and vegetables. However, over time the stainless steel filter basket can become clogged with pulp and fiber, reducing juice yields and requiring more produce to get your daily dose of nutrients.

Upgrading to the Breville BR-1 replacement filter basket is an easy and affordable way to restore your juicer to like-new performance. Built to the same specifications as the original, the BR-1 filter basket features an extra-fine stainless steel mesh for maximum juice extraction. The elliptical design closely hugs produce for dryer pulp, while the micro mesh filter traps more juice inside for higher yields.

Unlocks the Full Juicing Potential of Your Machine

By optimizing the juicing chamber, the BR-1 filter basket is able to unlock the full juicing potential of your Breville juicer. The ultra-fine openings in the mesh force more juice and nutrients out of fruit and vegetable fibers to maximize extraction. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty stainless steel construction prevents warping and distortion over many years of juicing.

You’ll notice the difference after juicing just a few apples or carrots. Pulp will be left remarkably dry after the first pass through the BR-1 filter, indicating that more juice made it into your glass. You may even gain up to 10% increased juice yields compared to a worn factory filter basket. This filter basket makes your Breville juicer work like new again.

Easy Drop-In Installation

Installing the replacement BR-1 filter basket takes just seconds. Simply open up your Breville juicer and remove the old filter basket. Drop in the BR-1 filter basket and reassemble the juicing chamber. The basket clicks securely into place and is ready for juicing in moments.

The BR-1 is designed specifically for the JE95XL, JE98XL, and BJE200XL juicers. It installs into the same fittings as the original filter basket and functions identically. Just be sure to match up the model numbers to ensure compatibility with your Breville juicer.

Keep Produce Moving with Anti-Clog Design

One common problem with juicer filters is clogging and jamming, which can be frustrating and time-consuming to clear. The Breville BR-1 filter basket is engineered to resist clogging in a few key ways.

First, the fine mesh openings prevent pulp from getting trapped and building up during juicing. The elliptical interior shape also minimizes nooks and crannies where pulp can collect. Finally, the stainless steel surface stays extremely smooth over time, unlike plastic filters which develop grooves and textures which can snag fruit and veggie fibers.

You’ll spend less time disassembling and unclogging your machine and more time enjoying delicious, nutritious glasses of juice.

Dishwasher Safe for Fast Cleanup

Pulp and juice residues can quickly build up on juicer filter baskets, requiring scrubbing by hand. The BR-1 filter basket is designed for quick, easy cleaning. Just pop it into the dishwasher after juicing and let your dishwasher handle the cleaning. The stainless steel construction holds up to repeated dishwashing while keeping the fine mesh clear and unclogged.

Cleanup takes just a minute or two. Simply give the filter basket a quick rinse under running water when changing between different types of produce to keep flavors separated. Then let the dishwasher take care of the rest after juicing is completed.

Precision Breville Engineering and Construction

Breville is known for innovation and for quality engineered kitchen appliances that stand the test of time. This replacement BR-1 filter basket is manufactured to the same strict specifications and standards as the original part. You can trust its durability.

The filter basket is constructed entirely from surgical grade, non-magnetic stainless steel for strength, corrosion resistance, and non-reactivity. The fine mesh is formed with precision openings for optimum juice extraction without tearing or distorting over time. Every filter basket must pass rigorous quality control testing before leaving the factory.

Breville also stands behind their products with a 1-year warranty. Rest assured you’re investing in a high-quality component engineered specifically for your Breville juicer model.

Refresh Your Juicer with a Simple Filter Upgrade

Don’t send your Breville juicer into retirement just because of a worn out filter basket. With the affordable BR-1 replacement filter, you can restore juice yields and performance to like-new condition. Enjoy quicker juicing, drier pulp, and less clogging thanks to the optimized filter design.

Unlock your Breville juicer’s full potential and start experiencing the joy of juicing again. The BR-1 makes it possible, and installation takes just minutes with no special tools required.

Pick up the Breville BR-1 Mesh Filter Basket today and breathe new life into your trusty JE95XL, JE98XL, or BJE200XL juicer. Healthy, delicious juice is just minutes away.


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