Briarwood Lane Autumn Leaves Coir Doormat, 30″ x 18″



Welcome friends and family into your home with this beautiful and functional Briarwood Lane Autumn Leaves Coir Doormat. Briarwood Lane’s doormats are known for their crisp, original artwork and high-quality natural materials that remove dirt, absorb moisture, and add festive curb appeal to your entryway.

This autumn-themed coir doormat measures 30 inches by 18 inches, providing ample space for wiping feet before entering your home. It features a stunning design of crisp red, orange, and yellow leaves perfectly capturing the essence of fall. The background consists of varying shades of brown, completing the seasonal look.

Natural Coconut Coir Fibers for Superior Performance

Coir is a natural fiber produced from the thick husks surrounding coconut shells. It’s renowned for its durability, water absorption, and dirt trapping abilities. Coir fibers have slight abrasiveness to help scrub shoes clean while still being gentle enough for bare feet.

The coir bristles in this doormat are densely packed and attached to a sturdy rubber backing. Together, this provides the excellent dirt and moisture removal you need in an entry mat. The coir also helps this mat retain its shape and lie flat, even with heavy use.

Vibrant Artwork and Colors

Briarwood Lane artists design original graphics to give each doormat a fun, spirited look. The autumn leaves artwork has beautifully blended shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s sure to bring a touch of the season’s colors to your front porch or entryway.

The artwork is applied using a special dye infusion process, so it won’t fade or wear off over time. You can enjoy this cheery welcome mat for many years while still maintaining its attractive appearance.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

This versatile coir mat can be used either indoors or outdoors. Place it inside your front or back door to catch dirt and absorb moisture from shoes. The low profile means it won’t trip people up like some bulky mats.

You can also use this mat outdoors on a covered porch or entryway. It will handle exposure to rain and snow while providing a pretty decorative accent to your home’s exterior. The fade-resistant colors ensure it will continue looking beautiful despite sun exposure.

Easy Maintenance

To clean this coir mat, simply shake it out or hose it off to remove loose dirt. For a deeper clean, spot treat any stains with a brush and mild soap then rinse. The mat will look refreshed and new again once dry.

Regular cleaning will help remove abrasive particles that can degrade the mat over time. Storing the mat indoors or under an outdoor awning when not in use will also extend its lifespan.

Premium Quality and Construction

Briarwood Lane uses only the best materials and manufacturing processes so you can feel confident that your new coir doormat will last. It has:

  • A durable vulcanized rubber backing that keeps the mat in place without shifting or sliding.
  • A tight .25 inch pile height and 140,000 filaments per square foot for superior dirt trapping abilities.
  • A .5 inch overall thickness that provides cushioning and allows dirt to sift through.
  • Hemmed edges to reinforce the outer border against fraying.

Beautiful Addition to Your Home

This autumn-themed coir mat will be a gorgeous addition both inside or outside your home. The vibrant fall leaf pattern will feel like you’re bringing a touch of the great outdoors right to your front door. It also makes a delightfully seasonal housewarming or holiday gift.

Give your entryway a fun update and keep floors clean with this functional Briarwood Lane Autumn Leaves Coir Doormat. Order yours today to welcome friends and family in style all season long.


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