Bring Spa-Like Baths Home with the Portable Inflatable Bathtub



Treat yourself to luxurious baths in the comfort of home with the Bedside Shower Bathtub Kit Inflatable Bathtub. This portable bathtub makes it easy to indulge in soothing soaks anywhere.

Pamper Yourself with a Relaxing Home Spa Experience

After a long day, there’s nothing better than soaking in a warm, relaxing bath. With the inflatable bathtub, you can recreate the experience of a spa right at home. Sink into the comfy bathtub after work to wash away stress and tension. The spacious tub gives you plenty of room to stretch out and fully submerge yourself in the water.

Add a touch of luxury by lighting candles, playing soft music, and using bath salts or oils. The soothing ambiance helps you fully unwind as the warm water works wonders on sore muscles. You’ll step out of the tub feeling completely rejuvenated.

Customizable Bathing for Total Comfort

The inflatable bathtub is designed for maximum bathing comfort. It features a raised bumper and extra tall walls up to 14.5 inches high when fully inflated. This helps prevent splashing so you can soak without worrying about spills.

Dual intake and exhaust valves allow you to easily control the inflation level. Adjust it to your exact preferences for the perfect fit. The premium PVC and TPE materials are durable yet flexible enough to comfortably mold to your body.

An included pillow provides cushioned neck support for the ultimate relaxing soak. This bathtub truly provides a customized spa experience right at home.

Safe and Easy to Use

Bathing is easier and more secure with the inflatable tub. The anti-slip bottom keeps the tub firmly in place for safe entry and exit. Durable leak-proof construction ensures the tub won’t suddenly deflate while in use.

Set up takes just 3-5 minutes. The included electric pump makes inflation fast and effortless. Simply attach the hose and switch it on. Grab your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb and enjoy a soak within minutes.

When finished, a drainage hose quickly empties the tub. The smooth inside surface prevents pooling. Just deflate, rinse and store away. This portable tub brings total bathing convenience wherever you need it.

Perfect for Special Needs

The inflatable bathtub is ideal for those with limited mobility. It allows bedridden individuals or those with disabilities to enjoy bathing from a safe, comfortable position.

Pregnant women can use the tub to soak swollen feet and ankles. The ability to bathe while lying down makes bathing possible for those unable to use a traditional tub.

Caregivers can use the tub to easily bathe invalids. The compact size makes it perfect for assisted bathing. Drainage is quick and simple for fast cleanup between uses.

Spacious Size Accommodates All Body Types

With roomy interior dimensions of 66 x 28 inches, adults of all sizes can stretch out and relax. The extra space allows you to fully extend your legs and recline. This maximizes comfort and accessibility.

Tall users have no problem fitting their whole body inside. The flexible construction allows the tub walls to contour perfectly to your shape. You’ll feel securely cradled by the cozy bathtub.

Lightweight and Portable

The entire tub weights just 6.6 pounds. When deflated, it folds down into an included carry bag for storage and transport.

Take it along on trips so you can pamper yourself with a relaxing soak no matter where you are. Easily move it between rooms or bring it outdoors.

Compact size makes storage simple. Stash it away in a closet or under the bed when not in use. The lightweight portability makes this tub easy to use anywhere.

Luxurious Baths Whenever You Want

Life gets hectic, making it tough to set aside time for self-care. With the Bedside Shower Bathtub Kit inflatable tub, you can enjoy therapeutic soaks on your own schedule. Just inflate and fill for an instant escape.

Treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve and create a home spa oasis. This portable tub makes luxury bathing possible even with limited mobility or space. Escape the stresses of everyday life with the comfort of a warm, tranquil soak in your own inflatable bathtub.

Technical Details:

Dimensions inflated: 66 x 28 x 14.5 inches (L x W x H)
Capacity: 66 gallons
Materials: PVC and TPE
Includes: tub, shower, pillow, drainage hose, carry bag, electric air pump
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Bring the spa to you and enjoy therapeutic baths in total comfort with this portable inflatable bathtub. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate anytime!


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