Bring Spine-Chilling Fun to Your Home with the BADCOLOR Halloween Skeleton Duo



The season of spooks and scares is upon us, so it’s time to deck out your home in an eerie Halloween theme. One of the easiest ways to create a creepy atmosphere is with lifelike skeletons, and the BADCOLOR Halloween Skeleton Set delivers with a tall 5 foot 4 inch adult skeleton and a smaller 3 foot child skeleton. Crafted with thick durable plastic bones and movable joints, these full-sized skeletons are poseable for custom decorative arrangements. Hang them up, seat them on the couch, or scatter skeleton limbs across your yard to give your guests a fright. Keep reading for details on these quality skeleton decorations and how to work them into your indoor and outdoor Halloween décor.

Creepy Lifelike Skeletons with Posable Joints

What’s more iconic for Halloween than a spooky skeleton? This affordable two-pack offers one adult and one child skeleton so you can create fun parent and kid poses or use them separately. The adult skeleton stands at a creepy 5 feet 4 inches while the child is a mere 3 feet tall.

Each realistic life size skeleton features joints at the elbows, wrists, shoulders, rib cage, hips, knees, and ankles. Ball joint connectors allow you to freely adjust the hands, arms, legs, rib cage, and skull to pose these boney figures any way you desire. Sit them at the table, make them dance, or have them peek out from a coffin. The poseable joints offer endless possibilities.

When displayed together, these proportionate skeletons create an extra eerie graveyard scene. Scatter some leaves, add a few tombstones, and your guests will feel like they took a wrong turn and ended up in a haunted cemetery. Use cotton spiderwebs to give the skeletons an aged abandoned look.

High Quality Durable Skeleton Construction

Cheap plastic skeletons tend to have brittle weak bones that easily fall off. That’s frustrating when you’re trying to create the perfect pose. The BADCOLOR Halloween Skeleton Set is made with thick durable plastic that can handle being repeatedly posed and moved around.

The bones feature reinforced ball joints and are securely attached with screws so you won’t have to deal with any broken bones or lost limbs. These quality skeletons can be used indoor and outdoor all season long without falling apart.

The weatherproof bones can withstand rain, snow, and wind. No need to bring them inside if the forecast calls for inclement weather. The plastic materials also keep them lightweight enough to hang and move into different positions.

Decorate Your Home Indoors and Out

Skeletons aren’t just for outdoor Halloween décor. Place these creepy figures inside your home for a frightful indoor display. Sit them on chairs around your dining room table. Create a skeletal family scene standing around the living room. Have them peak out from around corners or dark doorways.

Hang the adult skeleton using fishing line so it appears to float in midair. Use black streamers or fabric to drape them as ghostly figures. Position the child skeleton stuffed inside a small coffin or curled up in a box. Your indoor skeleton decor is limited only by your imagination.

You can also use these lifelike skeletons outside for your yard’s Halloween theme. Have them climb out of graves in your mock cemetery. Sit the adult skeleton on the front porch swing or perch the child skeleton on the edge of your pool. Scatter random skeletal limbs in your flower beds or hang a skeleton upside down from a tree.

Quality Guaranteed Decorations

The BADCOLOR Halloween Skeleton Set is backed by a 1 year replacement warranty. In the unlikely event you receive a damaged item or are unsatisfied with the skeleton quality, contact the seller for a replacement. We want you to have the best skeleton decorations possible for your home.

Don’t waste money on flimsy cheap plastic skeletons that will fall apart and let you down. Bring spine-chilling Halloween fun to your home with these durable life size skeletons. The creepy designs are sure to impress your family and frighten your trick-or-treaters. Order the BADCOLOR Halloween Skeleton Set today!


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