Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home – The Ultimate Sourdough Starter Incubator for Perfect Sourdough Every Time



Take your sourdough baking to the next level with the Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home. This innovative incubator allows you to control the temperature of your sourdough starter with precision – ensuring your starter maintains optimal activity and flavor.

With the Sourdough Home, you’ll never have to worry about your starter again. Set the desired temperature between 41-122°F and let the Sourdough Home do the rest. This incubator heats and cools to keep your starter at just the right temperature no matter the season or room temperature. The result is a perfectly active starter ready to bake with at any time.

Precise Temperature Control for a Healthy, Flavorful Starter

Temperature is one of the most important factors for sourdough starter health and activity. The Sourdough Home gives you complete control with a wide temperature range from 41-122°F. Dial in the ideal temperature for your starter’s strain and activity level. Warmer temperatures speed up fermentation while cooler temps slow it down.

With the Sourdough Home, you can easily adjust the flavor profile, aroma, and texture of your bread by tweaking your starter’s temperature. Lower temperatures produce a starter with more acidity and sourness. Higher temperatures create a milder starter that results in sweeter loaves. Find your perfect temperature for your ideal sourdough.

The Sourdough Home maintains temperatures within ±1.5°F. This precision control means your starter ferments consistently, keeping the wild yeast and good bacteria happy and active. You’ll never have to deal with a starter that’s overfed, underfed, too warm, or too cold again.

Feed on Your Schedule

Life gets busy. With the Sourdough Home, you can feed your starter on your schedule – not the other way around.

Set your ideal temperature based on how often you plan to feed your starter. A warmer temperature between 80-90°F is perfect for a starter fed just once a week. For a twice a week feeding routine, set the Sourdough Home between 70-80°F. Daily or twice daily feedings call for 60-70°F.

No matter your schedule, the Sourdough Home incubator maintains your starter at peak activity. Just set it and forget it. Tend to your starter when it’s convenient for you while still keeping the yeast and bacteria happy.

This flexibility makes baking sourdough much more accessible. You can maintain a healthy starter culture without the rigidity of a strict feeding routine. The Sourdough Home handles temperature regulation so you can enjoy sourdough on your own terms.

Compact Design

The Sourdough Home packs professional-level temperature control into a compact countertop unit. At just 11x8x10 inches, it takes up minimal space in your kitchen while still fitting a 1 quart or 1 liter jar.

The interior accommodates 7.5×5.5×5.5 inches – enough room for a large jar or two smaller jars side-by-side. Dual shelves provide storage for small items like your starter food, thermometer, or utensils. Keep everything you need in one organized place.

With its attractive white finish and acrylic door, the Sourdough Home looks great on any countertop. Discreetly maintain your starter’s ideal temperature without the ugly equipment found in professional kitchens.

Set and Forget Simplicity

Using the Sourdough Home couldn’t be easier. Just plug it in, place your starter jar inside, set your desired temperature with the digital controls, and let the incubator do the rest.

An interior fan provides gentle circulation to prevent hot and cold spots inside the incubator. Your starter receives even, precise heating or cooling.

The Sourdough Home draws just 40 watts of power, using minimal electricity to maintain any temperature. This efficient design allows the incubator to run safely unattended.

Keep an eye on your starter through the viewing window without letting heat escape. Check activity and rise with a glance while maintaining ideal conditions inside.

All parts clean up easily by hand with soap and water. No need to worry about getting your starter in the hard-to-reach places of bulky equipment. Just give the Sourdough Home a quick wipe down between uses.

With intuitive controls, efficient heating and cooling, and straightforward cleaning, the Sourdough Home simplifies sourdough baking. Get professional results without the hassle.

Bake Beautiful Sourdough Loaves and More

With a Sourdough Home, every sourdough bake becomes a masterpiece.

Achieve open crumb structure with large irregular holes throughout. The Sourdough Home’s precision temperature control allows your starter to produce consistent, strong rises.

Bake loaves with a beautifully textured crust. Crisp and crackly outside while soft and chewy within. The balance of acidity and mildness from your temperature-controlled starter creates complex, mouthwatering flavor in every bite.

But don’t stop at bread. Use your super active starter for all kinds of baked goods. Make fluffy sourdough pancakes, waffles, and muffins for breakfast. Fashion bagels, pretzels, and pita for snacks. Mix up focaccia, pizza dough, buns, and rolls for dinner time. Your ideal starter will elevate any recipe.

With the Sourdough Home’s complete temperature control, you’ll fall in love with sourdough baking all over again. Finally achieve the loaves you’ve been dreaming of.

Enjoy Endless Sourdough Possibilities

The only limit with the Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home is your imagination. This incubator unlocks new sourdough potential.

Master recipes with new flavors and ingredients. Adjust temperature to find the perfect balance of mildness and tanginess for any combination. Take your loaves from basic to gourmet.

Culture starters from local microfloras in your area. See how native yeasts and bacteria produce regionally distinct sourdoughs. Dial in the ideal temperature for local strains.

Play with different hydration levels and fermentation times. Find new tricks for an open crumb and large air pockets. Take notes on temperatures and timing to recreate your successes.

With complete control over your starter, you can experiment freely. The Sourdough Home gives you a reliable foundation upon which to build your ultimate sourdough recipes.

Whether you’re a novice baker or sourdough expert, the Sourdough Home will level up your loaves. This incubator brings artisanal results into your home kitchen. Simply set your ideal temperature and enjoy sourdough success.

Order Your Sourdough Home Today

Stop struggling with sourdough starters that never seem quite right. Take the guesswork out of sourdough baking with the Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home incubator.

This compact countertop unit puts your starter’s ideal temperature at your fingertips. Set-and-forget simplicity makes maintaining a healthy starter effortless – no matter your feeding schedule or kitchen conditions.

With precision control from 41-122°F, you can adjust your starter’s activity, acidity, and flavor profile. Find the perfect temperature for your ideal sourdough.

The Sourdough Home is the secret to artisanal loaves at home. Buy now to level up your sourdough game. Enjoy consistently delicious sourdough baked goods that your family and friends will love.


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