Bronze Farmhouse Towel Holder, Oil Rubbed Wall Mount



Discover luxury and elegance with this beautiful bronze farmhouse towel holder for your bathroom. Crafted from high quality bronze metal with an oil rubbed finish, this towel holder adds a touch of timeless style and character to your space.

Boasting a unique trapezoidal design, this holder allows towels to hang flat against the wall without bunching up. This not only keeps your towels neatly organized and crease free as they dry, but also ensures they dry faster by allowing maximum airflow. The ample 2.16 inch distance from the wall also prevents towels from sticking or getting soaked.

With smooth, rounded edges all over, this towel holder is safe to handle and install. The lack of sharp edges also means no snagged towels or scratched walls around your holder. For easy maintenance, the holder features a closed design to prevent dust buildup and ensure towels stay grime-free.

The rich oil rubbed bronze finish lends this holder an antique inspired look that instantly elevates your bathroom’s aesthetic. Warmer and more subtle than polished brass, the bronze patina is seamless and smooth to the touch. As the bronze ages naturally over time, it will develop its own character and charming vintage appeal.

Truly built to last forever, this holder boasts unmatched durability thanks to its sturdy bronze construction. It securely mounts to your wall with the included hardware and can hold up to heavy towel loads day after day without sagging, bending or breaking. The rust-proof bronze needs no harsh cleaning chemicals either, just an occasional wipe down to maintain its beauty.

Give your towels the space they deserve and add a special vintage touch to your bathroom with this oil rubbed bronze farmhouse towel holder today!

Product Details:

Material: Bronze
Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Mounting Hardware Included
Dimensions: 7.5×2.5×5.5 inch
Distance from Wall: 2.16 inches
Weight: 1.1 pounds

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