Brookstone Premium Metallic Mesh Wastebaskets – Stylish & Durable Office/Home Trash Cans



Keep your home or office clutter-free with the Brookstone Premium Metallic Mesh Wastebaskets. These open-top trash cans are the perfect solution for discreetly storing trash in any room.

Stylish and Practical Design

Built with durable silver metallic mesh, these wastebaskets have a tapered body so you can easily toss trash without removing a lid. The open top and mesh sides promote airflow to prevent odor buildup.

The sleek silver color complements any décor from modern to traditional. The mesh design is neutral enough for home or office use. These trash cans look far more expensive than their reasonable price tag!

Sturdy Metal Construction

The Brookstone wastebaskets are constructed from premium steel for maximum durability. The reinforced rims and base prevent sagging, so they maintain their shape despite constant use.

The metallic mesh body is study enough to hold up against the wear and tear of daily garbage disposal. Don’t worry about the trash can getting dents or falling apart after just a few uses. This high quality metal withstands rough treatment.

Lightweight and Roomy

Even with the sturdy steel construction, these wastebaskets remain lightweight enough for easy carrying. The 13 gallon capacity provides ample space for trash and recycling.

The mesh body is collapsible when empty for convenient storage. You can easily stash these wastebaskets out of sight when not in use. Then pull them out again when needed.

Ideal for Any Room

Use these refuse bins anywhere you need an extra trash receptacle:

  • Bedrooms – Keep trash hidden from view
  • Bathrooms – Discreetly tuck away cotton balls, q-tips, and other bathroom waste
  • Offices – Put a trash can under each desk to maintain organization
  • Kitchens – Use for food scraps next to the prep area or sink
  • Kids’ Rooms – Teach children proper trash disposal
  • Garages & Workshops – Keep tools and hardware organized

The mesh construction contains dust and debris. The metal is easy to wipe clean as needed.

Why Choose Brookstone Wastebaskets?

  • Premium steel construction built to last
  • Reinforced edges retain shape through heavy use
  • Open top for easy trash disposal
  • Tapered shape guides trash directly into can
  • Mesh sides allow ventilation to control odors
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Neutral silver color matches any decor
  • Affordable price for high quality

Customer Reviews

“I purchased three of these Brookstone wastebaskets for my office and love the look. The mesh seems very durable and doesn’t dent or scratch like plastic versions I’ve tried. The color looks sharp for an office setting. I would definitely recommend these trash cans!” – Office Manager Dave

“We have two large dogs that produce a lot of dirt and fur. These metal mesh wastebaskets do a great job containing all the mess in the mudroom and laundry room. They don’t get gunky like solid plastic bins, and the mesh lets air flow through so nothing gets too stinky. Much better than ugly plastic tubs!” – Pet Owner Jen

Order Your Brookstone Wastebaskets Today!

Keep your home and office organized with stylish, durable trash cans. These metallic mesh wastebaskets are built to last and neutral enough for any room. Click Add to Cart now to get this set of 3 refuse bins shipped directly to your door. Your new Brookstone wastebaskets will arrive quickly so you can start maintaining clutter-free spaces right away!


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