Bruntmor 8 Quart Campfire Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Preseasoned Cookware for Delicious Camp Meals



Take your camp cooking to the next level with the Bruntmor 8 Quart Campfire Cast Iron Dutch Oven. This rugged, preseasoned cast iron Dutch oven is specially designed for cooking over an open campfire or coals, allowing you to prepare delicious stews, roasts, baked goods and more while camping or tailgating.

Superior Heat Retention and Even Cooking

Crafted from thick, heavy-duty cast iron, this Dutch oven provides superior heat retention and even cooking. The cast iron material gets hotter and retains heat better than other cookware materials. This allows your food to cook slowly and evenly without scorching or burning. The Bruntmor Dutch oven is perfect for simmering stews, braising meats, frying up catfish you just caught, and baking golden cornbread.

Preseasoned for Immediate Use

This Dutch oven comes preseasoned with a protective vegetable oil coating that prevents rusting and sticking. The preseasoned surface means you can use the Dutch oven right out of the box without having to season it yourself! It’s ready for cooking delicious campfire meals on your next camping or hunting trip.

Safe for Outdoor Cooking Methods

The Bruntmor Dutch oven is designed to be used over a campfire, placed right into the hot coals. The heavy cast iron distributes heat evenly all around the oven for superior cooking performance. The lid can also be placed directly on hot coals. Built strong, this Dutch oven can handle the high heat of an open fire. Use it with confidence at your campsite or outdoor picnic area.

Flanged Lid for Added Versatility

The Bruntmor Dutch oven lid features a flanged rim that lets you flip it over and use it as a griddle or skillet. Cook up eggs, bacon, pancakes and more – right on the lid! The flanged lid rests securely on the pot, sealing in moisture for more flavorful stews, chilis and braised meats.

Legs Prevent Uneven Heating

The cast iron lid sits flush on the pot thanks to the legless design, maximizing surface contact for even heating. Traditional Dutch oven legs can create uneven cooking spots – but not this model. You’ll get uniform heating across the bottom for properly simmered meals every time.

Built Tough for Generations of Use

Bruntmor Dutch ovens are crafted from thick, heavy cast iron that will last for generations. The material won’t chip, warp or dent under high heat like other pots. With proper seasoning and care, this Dutch oven will provide a lifetime of delicious camping meals. Pass it down to your kids and grandkids for lasting family memories.

Recipe Ideas

Hearty Beef Stew – Brown beef cubes in the pot, then add potatoes, carrots, celery and beef broth. Simmer until tender.
Campfire Chili – Brown ground beef, onion and peppers. Add spices and beans. Simmer chili to meld flavors. Top with cheese.
Breakfast Hash – Fry up potatoes, peppers, onions. Add eggs and sausage. Cover to cook eggs.
Cornbread – Mix up cornbread batter. Pour into oiled, preheated Dutch oven. Bake until golden on top.
Braised Chicken – Brown chicken pieces, then add veggies and wine. Cover and simmer until chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender.
Baked Beans – Mix up beans, ketchup, onion, mustard, brown sugar. Bake covered for irresistible sweet & smokey beans.
Cobblers – Fill with your favorite fruit filling. Top with biscuit dough. Bake until golden for a sweet treat.
Deep Fried Turkey – Fill Dutch oven 1/3 with oil. Fry turkey pieces or whole small turkeys for juicy, crispy outdoor turkey.
Perfect Size for Feeding a Crowd

The 8 quart capacity provides plenty of room to cook meals for a crowd. It’s great for camping trips with family and friends, tailgating parties, hunting excursions and more. Whip up big batches of chili, stew, jambalaya or fried fish for the whole gang.

Cleans Up Easily

After cooking is done, this Dutch oven cleans up easily by wiping out any excess food debris and washing with hot water and a stiff brush. It’s even dishwasher safe for super convenient cleanup after your camping meal.

Invest in the Bruntmor 8 Quart Campfire Cast Iron Dutch Oven for your next outdoor cooking adventure. This rugged, generously sized Dutch oven allows you to cook just like at home while camping – searing, braising, baking and more. With proper care, it will deliver delicious meals over an open fire for years of enjoyable campouts to come. Order the Bruntmor Dutch oven today and be prepared for your next cookout under the stars.


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