BTLSWI Modern yet Timeless Acrylic Accent Table – Adds a Touch of Elegant Simplicity to Any Room



Experience the captivating fusion of modern and traditional design with the BTLSWI acrylic side table. This elegant pedestal table effortlessly brings chic, contemporary style to your living space while evoking a sense of timeless sophistication.

Crafted entirely from crystal clear acrylic, this round accent table features smoothly curved edges and an intriguing twisted pedestal base. The base consists of three stacked orbs decreasing in size from bottom to top, creating a sculptural look reminiscent of classic Greek and Roman architecture.

Yet the transparent, lightweight acrylic gives it a distinctly modern minimalist feel. The acrylic material is thick and durable while also allowing light to pass through for a bright, airy look.

Premium Acrylic Construction – Crystal Clear Sturdiness

While beautiful and delicate in appearance, this acrylic end table is impressively strong and built to last thanks to its high quality acrylic construction. The thick-walled acrylic is resistant to temperature fluctuations and structural stress. In fact, it’s nearly 50% lighter than glass yet far more shatter-resistant.

So you can trust this table to withstand the demands of daily use without fear of cracking or breaking. It retains its crystal clear brilliance over time for long-lasting beauty.

Thoughtful Round Design – Stability Meets Style

Everything about this clear acrylic table is carefully conceived for optimal form and function. The round shape lends itself to a clean, sleek profile that works well in modern and contemporary decor.

Unlike tables with sharp corners and edges, the circular design eliminates hazardous points and creates a safer, more family-friendly piece. Yet the circular surface still provides ample space for displaying decorative accents, books, potted plants and more without occupying too much floor space.

The rounded pedestal base provides excellent stability, preventing rocking or wobbling. This ensures drinks, vases and other tabletop items remain securely in place. The flared base also prevents snagged clothing or injuries from sharp corners.

Versatile Uses for Any Room

With its lightweight, compact footprint measuring just 16” in diameter and 23” tall, this acrylic pedestal table fits effortlessly into small spaces. The modest proportions and transparent design help rooms feel more open and uncluttered.

Place beside a sofa or armchair to hold a book and glass of wine. Use as a sleek nightstand in the bedroom for a table lamp and clock. Position a pair on either side of your bed for symmetrical harmony.

The lucite table also works wonderfully as an end table in an entryway, hallway or other high traffic area. The durable acrylic stands up well to bumps and scrapes.

Or use as a chic display pedestal for art objects, decorative bowls or flower arrangements to add a contemporary focal point.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Putting this acrylic side table together is a breeze. It arrives securely packaged in three main pieces – the round tabletop, pedestal shaft, and base. Simply fit the components together with the included hardware kit. No special tools are required.

With minimal assembly, you can start enjoying this stylish accent furniture in your living space. Disassembly is just as fast for convenient portability.

Low Maintenance and Easy Care

The non-porous acrylic surface repels spills, resists stains, and prevents dirt buildup. A quick wipe with a soft cloth easily removes dust and fingerprints. For more thorough cleaning, gently wash with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals.

The lucite material will retain its crystal clear luster for years to come with simple care. No polishing or resealing needed!

Bring Chic, Contemporary Style Home

The BTLSWI acrylic table strikes the perfect balance between modern minimalism and timeless elegance. The crystal clear transparency and smoothed edges create a light, airy look perfect for contemporary homes and apartments. Yet the classic pedestal base provides a subtle traditional touch.

Place it beside a mid-century sofa or sleek upholstered chair to complement both furnishings. Or allow it to provide an alluring contrast to heavily ornate, vintage-inspired decor.

However you choose to style it, this acrylic accent table adds a dash of chic sophistication and crisp, contemporary edge to any living space.


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