BuLife 28 Inch Round Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror – Light Up Your Mornings and Enhance Your Beauty Routines



Step into the light with the BuLife 28 inch round LED bathroom mirror. This backlit mirror provides customized illumination to start your days off right and highlight your best features as you get ready. Adjust the color temperature and brightness to set the perfect mood in your bathroom sanctuary.

Customized Lighting for Your Ideal Ambiance

The BuLife mirror allows you to easily adjust the color temperature and brightness to create an atmosphere that enhances your mood. With just a touch of the button, switch between three color temperatures:

Warm 3000K light provides a soft, relaxing glow. The yellow tone is perfect for a spa-like environment.
Neutral 4500K light gives off a bright, true-color illumination. This setting mimics natural daylight and is ideal for makeup application and grooming.
Cool 6000K light has a crisp, invigorating vibe. The bluish tone energizes you to take on the day.
In addition to selecting the desired color temperature, you can touch the button to cycle through six brightness levels. Choose from a gentle glow up to a maximum 6000K brightness ideal for detailed grooming. The smart memory function records your preferred settings, so the light comes on just the way you like it each time.

Defogger Keeps Your View Clear

The frustrating fog that accumulates on bathroom mirrors during hot showers is a thing of the past with the BuLife mirror’s built-in defogger. Activate the anti-fog function with the designated button, and it will automatically keep your mirror clear. The defogger runs for 60 minutes before automatically shutting off. Say goodbye to fog and enjoy a continuously clear reflection.

Safe, Long-Lasting LED Technology

Energy efficient LED lights provide brilliant illumination while using a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also cool to the touch, so you’ll never have to worry about burns from accidentally touching the mirror surface.

The LED lamps are rated to last for 50,000 hours of use. That’s over 27 years of daily use for 5 hours per day! The long-lasting LEDs provide maintenance free operation so you can enjoy the perfect lighting for decades to come.

Shatter-Resistant and Waterproof for Worry-Free Use

Accidents happen, but you don’t need to worry about broken glass or water damage with this shatter-resistant, waterproof mirror. The 4mm thick copper-free silver mirror features a robust construction designed to prevent debris in case of breakage. The safety backing gives you peace of mind even in high-traffic public restrooms.

The IP44 waterproof rating means splashes and sprays won’t harm the mirror. Use it with confidence in steamy, humid bathrooms knowing the components are protected. The UL certification guarantees the waterproofing meets strict safety standards.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Get your new bathroom mirror installed in no time with the included mounting hardware and easy instructions. Choose from plug-in or hardwired installation to best suit your setup.

Plug-in uses an outlet conveniently located behind the mirror. Turn the lights on and off and control the settings right from the mirror’s touch buttons.

Hardwired installation is done by connecting wires behind the wall to a separate light switch. Use the switch to turn the lights off and on. The mirror buttons will maintain the most recent settings.

Either way, you can have your new lighted mirror installed in as little as 15 minutes. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the entire process. All necessary mounting screws, plates, and 120cm wiring are included.

Transform Your Bathroom with the Perfect Mirror

The BuLife 28 inch round mirror combines advanced lighting features, safety, and convenience in a sophisticated profile perfect for modern bathrooms. The adjustable color temperature and brightness let you set the ideal ambiance. Clear fog-free viewing, durable shatter-proof design, and waterproofing give you reliable performance for years to come.

Bring the perfect balance of form and function into your home with this LED illuminated bathroom mirror. Order the BuLife mirror today to upgrade your space with customized, glare-free lighting that enhances your environment.


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