BUNN 3-Pack Coffee Pot Decanter Set – Regular and Decaf Carafes for All Your Caffeine Needs



Wake up to a fresh pot of hot coffee with this convenient BUNN decanter set! This 3-pack includes two 12-cup black decanters for your regular coffee and a 12-cup orange decanter labeled especially for decaf – perfect for accommodating all your caffeinated needs.

Durable Decanters Designed for Daily Use

These BUNN carafes are constructed from laboratory-grade, thermal shock-resistant glass that can withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles. The tough material resists cracks and breakage so you can brew pot after pot without worry.

The decanters feature a drip-free pouring spout that allows you to cleanly distribute coffee into cups and mugs. The ergonomic handle provides a sturdy grip, while the wide base offers stability on your countertop or coffee station.

Thanks to the durable printing process, the BUNN logo will retain its integrity through many washes. The decanters can be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Precisely Balanced for Optimal Performance

The carafes are precisely designed with the proper dimensions to promote effective operation. The wide opening accommodates automatic drip coffee makers for fast, mess-free brewing directly into the decanter.

The vessels are perfectly balanced, so you don’t have to struggle with heavy, tipping containers. The slim profile takes up minimal space in your brewer or on your countertop.

Convenient 12-Cup Capacity

With a 12-cup capacity, each decanter can hold enough coffee to keep your whole family or office happy. Brew a full pot in the morning, or make smaller batches throughout the day.

The generous size reduces the need for constant brewing cycles. Serve coffee immediately or keep it hot for hours with an insulated carafe sleeve (sold separately).

Decaf Carafe for Caffeine-Conscious Coffee Lovers

The included orange decaf decanter eliminates confusion and prevents accidental over-caffeination. The bright color is easy to distinguish from the black regular coffee carafes.

Keep the orange pot by the decaf beans or label the lid so you’ll never mix them up. The labeled decanter makes it simple to cater to guests who prefer decaffeinated coffee.

Designed for Use with All Major Coffee Makers

This decanter set is designed to work with all major drip coffee maker brands, including Bunn, Cuisinart, Mr Coffee, Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach. The wide mouth fits directly under the brew basket to fill effortlessly.

The regular and decaf carafes can be used together in dual coffee brewers. The universal design lets you use them in your existing or new machine.

Durable Materials Built to Last

Constructed from industrial-grade borosilicate glass, these carafes are lightweight yet extremely durable. The material resists thermal shock from hot liquids and withstands wear and tear from daily handling.

The decanters are lead-free and BPA-free, so your coffee never touches harmful chemicals. The glass is FDA-approved for food contact.

Care Instructions

Hand wash only with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or cleaners as they may scratch the glass or fade the decal. The carafes are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Avoid any extreme temperature changes during washing, as this could potentially crack or shatter the glass. Always allow the decanters to fully cool prior to rinsing or washing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We stand behind the quality of our coffee decanters. If you’re not completely happy with this 3-piece set, return it for a full refund or replacement.

Enjoy hot, fresh coffee every morning with the convenience of regular and decaf carafes. This BUNN decanter set has you covered with dutiable, high-capacity vessels for all your brewing needs. Order now to start your day right!


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