BVEPSQ Hilariously Deceptive “Definitely Not a Trap Door” Doormat – Vintage Novelty Decorative Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Entryway



Add some humor and personality to your entryway with the BVEPSQ “Definitely Not a Trap Door” Doormat! This novelty door mat playfully disguises itself as a vintage trap door, providing a fun and unique way to welcome guests and visitors.

Realistic 3D Trap Door Design:

Featuring a strikingly realistic 3D simulation of a weathered trap door complete with rusty hinges and a wooden plank design, this doormat cleverly disguises itself as a hidden underground entryway. The intricate details and textures make the trap door appear convincingly real, certain to get a chuckle out of friends and family when they first spot this deceptively clever doormat.

Durable and Slip Resistant:

The mat is constructed from high quality polypropylene with a textured rubber backing that provides maximum grip and prevents sliding on hard floors or entryways. The durable one-side printed design utilizes a heat dye sublimation process for long lasting color that won’t fade over time. The materials are made to withstand daily use in any entryway while providing reliable slip resistance.

Multi-Purpose Novelty Mat:

Place this humorous doormat indoors or outdoors to add a touch of novelty humor to any entryway or high traffic area of your home. With its charming and imaginative design, this mat works great as a housewarming or birthday gift for a friend with a quirky sense of humor. Use it as a decorative accent that adds character to a front porch, back patio, garage, basement, laundry room, bathroom or any spot that could use some whimsical charm.

Easy Maintenance:

Keep your trap door mat looking like new by occasionally shaking it off, sweeping it or using a vacuum for quick cleaning. For deeper cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap or use a garden hose to rinse off. Allow to fully air dry before next use. Avoid bleach and harsh detergents that could damage the colors.


This novelty doormat measures 30 inches x 17.7 inches, designed to fit most standard exterior and interior doorways, entryways and high foot traffic areas of the home.

A Hilariously Deceptive Addition to Your Home Decor

Add a touch of humor and personality to any indoor/outdoor space with the BVEPSQ novelty trap door mat! This cleverly designed doormat disguises itself as a rustic underground entryway, providing a uniquely amusing way to welcome guests. The intricately textured 3D design looks deceptively real, certain to get some laughs.

Constructed from quality polypropylene with a slip resistant backing, this mat is made to withstand daily wear and tear indoors or out. The one-side printed design won’t fade over time thanks to an advanced heat dye sublimation process. Just vacuum, sweep or hose off to keep it looking new.

With its imaginative vintage trap door concept, this doormat makes a great novelty gift for housewarmings, birthdays or any occasion. Place it at your front door, back patio, basement stairs, garage entry or any high traffic area that needs a touch of humor.

At 30 inches x 17.7 inches, the mat is sized right to fit most standard doorways and entryways. Add an amusing conversational piece to your home with the BVEPSQ “Definitely Not A Trap Door” Doormat! Order yours today.


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