CABINET HERO Slip-On Cabinet Door Edge Guards – Keep Your Kitchen Looking Like New



Tired of unsightly chips, scratches and water damage ruining the look of your kitchen cabinets? Introducing the new CABINET HERO Slip-On Cabinet Door Edge Guards – the quick and easy way to protect your cabinet doors from daily wear and tear.

These innovative edge guards simply slip onto the top and sides of your cabinet doors to guard against nicks, dings, peeling, discoloration and moisture damage. No tools or adhesive needed – just slip them on and off whenever you need to reveal your cabinets’ flawless finish.

Protect Against Daily Wear and Tear

Cabinet doors take a beating every day. From opening and closing to cooking splatters and cleaning chemicals, it’s no wonder they start looking worn and damaged over time. Our slip-on edge guards create a protective barrier between your cabinet doors and all these abuses.

The rigid, crystal clear plastic adds a layer of defense against:

  • Chips and scratches
  • Peeling and fading
  • Dents and dings
  • Splatters and spills
  • Harsh cleaners and chemicals

Simply slide CABINET HERO onto the top or side edges of doors and drawers to keep them looking pristine despite heavy daily use.

Guard Against Moisture Damage

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to wood and laminate cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms. Drips, splashes and condensation can seep into the substrate and cause swelling, warping, bubbling and peeling of the finish.

Our Drip Ramp edge guard is specifically designed to divert liquid away from cabinet doors in high moisture areas like:

  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Behind ranges and dishwashers
  • On trash cabinet doors
  • Around the bathroom vanity

The ramped edge forces water outward and away from cabinets instead of allowing it to pool on top edges or run down cabinet faces. Simply slip it onto any vulnerable doors to prevent moisture damage.

Low Profile Design Preserves Your Kitchen’s Look

Other cabinet edge guards are thick and bulky, often interfering with door and drawer operation. Our slimline guards are made from a thinner yet still rigid .075″ plastic. This allows them to fit on cabinets with minimal clearance like:

  • Euro-style overlay doors
  • Face frame cabinets
  • Full inset cabinetry

The discreet profile preserves your kitchen’s upscale custom look while still protecting your investment. The crystal clear plastic is practically invisible once installed.

Quick & Easy Application in Minutes

Stop struggling with time-consuming installation of adhesive-backed guards that never go on straight. CABINET HERO slips on and off in seconds:

  1. Measure cabinet door thickness to ensure it is between 3/4″ and 13/16″ thick
  2. Cut the edge guard to desired length if needed
  3. Simply slide onto door top edges or sides
  4. Peel off to reveal damage-free cabinet doors

No tools like a hammer or level required! Our smart snap-on design keeps guards securely in place without adhesive.

Customize Protection Where You Need It

Damaged areas or high-traffic spots wearing faster than the rest? Our innovative edge guards make it easy to customize protection.

  • Trim length to fit smaller doors or drawers
  • Only install on problematic doors and drawers
  • Layer on top edges AND sides for maximum coverage
  • Easily remove from pristine doors and reinstall on damaged ones

Get years more life out of your cabinets with targeted safeguarding.

Proudly Made in USA

CABINET HERO Cabinet Door Edge Guards are proudly manufactured in the USA using specialized plastics. Our innovative design is protected by both a US Design Patent (#US D873,591 S) and Utility Patent (#US 10,646,041 B1).

Choose the Option That’s Right for You

We offer two edge guard styles to best suit your needs:

The Drip Ramp – Specifically designed for areas prone to moisture damage. The angled ramp forces drips, splashes and condensation to release away from the cabinet door.

The Slimline – Low profile option ideal for tight-fit cabinets with minimal clearance. Offers more discreet protection.

Both styles are made from rigid .075” thick plastic that holds up to daily wear and tear without cracking or deforming. Simply measure your cabinet door thickness and select the size that fits.

Love Your Kitchen Again

Tired of looking at worn, damaged cabinets? Our innovative slip-on edge guards make it easy to revive your kitchen while protecting it for the long haul.

  • Renew cabinets without the cost of refacing or replacing
  • High-traffic kitchens stay functional but also flawless
  • Entertain guests without embarrassment over scruffs and stains
  • Protect your investment from normal wear for years to come

CABINET HERO – specialized cabinet protection made easy. Order a set today to renew your love for your kitchen!


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