CADUFUELLY Office Chair Headrest Attachment – Universal Headrest for Optimal Neck & Back Support



Do you often experience neck, shoulder and back pain after long hours sitting at your desk? Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to upgrade your existing office chair for more comfort and support? Then the CADUFUELLY Office Chair Headrest Attachment is the perfect solution for you!

Upgrade Your Chair, Upgrade Your Comfort

This universal headrest attachment is specially designed to provide extra neck, head and upper back support for any office chair, preventing pain, stiffness and fatigue. It can be easily installed onto most chairs in just minutes with no tools required thanks to the adjustable clamp system. Whether you have a basic task chair or a high-end ergonomic chair, this headrest will take your seating comfort to the next level.

High-Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Durability

Constructed using top-grade nylon material, the CADUFUELLY headrest attachment is built to last. It has excellent load-bearing capabilities to provide robust neck and spine support all day long. The breathable mesh fabric offers optimal airflow to keep your neck and head cool and sweat-free.

Fully Adjustable for a Customized Fit

One of the best features of this headrest attachment is the 4-way adjustability, allowing you to customize the position for your maximum comfort:

  • Height can be adjusted up to 4 cm to align with your neck
  • Angle can be tilted forward or backward to cradle your head
  • Side to side swivel for optimal alignment with your spine
  • The arms can rotate 360° to fit chairs of all designs

With this flexibility, you can dial in the headrest angle and height specific to your body measurements. No more hunching forward or straining your neck!

Universal Compatibility For All Chair Types

The CADUFUELLY headrest is designed for universal compatibility with the vast majority of office chairs thanks to the adjustable screw-on clamps. It can be installed in just minutes without any tools onto chair backrests ranging from 0.4” – 2.4” thickness.

Whether you have a simple polyurethane chair, mesh back chair or an ergonomic chair, this headrest attachment will fit like a glove to provide the neck support you’ve been missing. Gone are the days of neck pain and headaches from inadequate lumbar support!

Additional Key Features:

  • Clamp width between screw holes: 7 cm
  • Height adjustment range: 4 cm
  • Headrest can swivel upside down out of the way when not needed
  • Cradling shape properly aligns spine and promotes good posture
  • Dense cushioning for superior pressure relief

Who Can Benefit From This Headrest?

If you work at a desk for long periods or need extra neck support, the CADUFUELLY headrest is a perfect ergonomic accessory for:

  • Office workers
  • Programmers and coders
  • Call center employees
  • Graphic designers
  • Students studying or gaming for hours

Even if you already have a great chair, adding this headrest can help optimize comfort and promote proper spinal alignment when seated for long stretches of time.

One Simple Solution for Neck & Upper Back Pain Relief

You deserve to work and play comfortably without unnecessary strain on your body. With the CADUFUELLY Office Chair Headrest Attachment, you can instantly upgrade any chair to provide exceptional head-to-toe support.

Ditch the neck, shoulder and upper back pain once and for all! This ergonomic accessory aligns your spine for pain-free sitting and improved focus.

Order now and breathe easier knowing you’ll be sitting pretty in ultimate comfort. Your body will thank you!


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