Calico Critters 2-Story Wooden Loft Bed for Dolls



Give your Calico Critters the perfect place to rest their heads with the Calico Critters Loft Bed. This delightful two-story wooden bed is designed to furnish the Calico Critters homes and complement the Calico Critters figures.

Spacious Two-Story Design

The loft bed features two spacious levels to provide plenty of room for Calico Critter families or for siblings to share. The lower level features a cozy bed with a soft mattress and pillow where Calico Critters can snuggle in for sweet dreams. The upper loft features charming built-in furnishings like a cabinet, mirror, clothes rod, and drawer to help Calico Critters stay organized.

Quality Craftsmanship

Expertly constructed from solid wood, this loft bed is built to last for years of imaginative play. The neutral finish allows it to match any Calico Critters playset. Details like the movable ladder add to the realistic look. At the petite scale of 1:24, it’s perfectly sized for the 3-inch Calico Critters figures.

Design Details

Two-story wooden loft bed with ladder
Lower level features bed with mattress, pillow and blanket
Upper level includes built-in cabinet, mirror, clothes rod, and drawer
Neutral finish complements any Calico Critters setting
Crafted at the perfect 1:24 scale for 3-inch figures
Movable ladder allows figures to climb up to the loft space
Expand Your Calico Critters Village

The Calico Critters Loft Bed is designed to perfectly furnish the Calico Critters homes and playsets. Mix and match with other Calico Critters furniture and accessories (sold separately) to build up your own bustling village of adorable animal families. Give the Cloverleaf Corners townhome a bedroom makeover with the loft bed. Let the Sylvanian Families bunny siblings claim their own space with a bunk bed. The possibilities are endless!

Endless Storytelling Possibilities

Spark imagination and storytelling with this charming bedroom centerpiece. Have Calico Critter sisters get ready for the day using the vanity mirror. Act out bedtime routines tucking critters into the cozy lower bunk. Or play out morning wakeup calls as Dad Critter clambers up the ladder to get the kids ready for school. This loft bed set brings sweet pretend play scenes to life.

Perfectly Scaled Playtime Fun

The Calico Critters woodland characters and playsets are crafted to a proportionate 1:24 scale that promotes realistic storytelling. At just 3 inches tall, these mini figures fit right into their perfectly sized habitats. With two spacious levels, this loft bed provides Calico Critter families with a snuggly sleeping space they can call their own within their dollhouse environments.

Quality Kids’ Toy

Calico Critters are beloved by kids for sparking creativity and imagination through dollhouse play. These timeless toys allow children to act out stories with the cute animal characters and their cozy homes. The attention to detail and realism helps build developmental skills. This loft bed set continues the tradition of quality pretend play that engages young minds.

Bring new life to Calico Critters villages and scenes with this amazing two-story loft bed set! With a multi-level design full of built-in furnishings, it unlocks new possibilities for open-ended pretend play. Give Calico Critter families, siblings, or friends a home of their own with this beautiful bedroom centerpiece built to scale. The Calico Critters Loft Bed will be a favorite among imagination-filled kids and collectors for years to come!


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