CALIDAKA Extra Large Bean Bag Chair, Perfect for Lounging and Relaxing



Welcome to comfort and style with the CALIDAKA Extra Large Bean Bag Chair. This incredible bean bag chair provides ergonomic support for your body while also adding a stylish accent to any room. Made from soft, cozy flocking PVC, this bean bag molds to your shape for superior comfort.

The CALIDAKA Bean Bag Chair is designed for maximum comfort and support. The ergonomic shape perfectly cradles your body when you sit or lie back, providing optimal head, neck, back, and lumbar support. The bean bag filling forms around your shape, creating a “zero gravity” feel that eliminates pressure points and enables you to relax in complete comfort.

This bean bag chair isn’t just comfortable, it’s also extremely stylish and decorative. Available in a range of colors, the chair’s soft suede-like exterior looks great in any living room, family room, basement, dorm room, or bedroom. The modern shape adds a contemporary flair wherever it’s placed.

One of the great things about this bean bag chair is its versatility. It’s perfect for:
– Lounging while reading a book or magazine
– Watching TV and movies
– Playing video games
– Doing homework or working on a laptop
– Taking a nap
– Creating a cozy relaxation nook in your home
– Providing extra seating for guests

Filled with soft, supple expanded polystyrene beads, the CALIDAKA Bean Bag conforms perfectly to your body. The interior filling supports you without sagging or flattening out. It retains its shape even with frequent use for lasting durability and comfort.

Another great feature of this bean bag chair is that it’s inflatable and portable. When not in use, it deflates easily into a compact size for convenient storage. Take it with you to a friend’s place, the park, the beach, or on vacation. The portable design makes it easy to bring laid back comfort anywhere you want.

Designed with high quality, durable materials, the CALIDAKA Bean Bag Chair is built to last. The exterior is made from soft, cozy flocking PVC that is stain and fade resistant. It’s also environmentally friendly and safe for your skin. The chair is double stitched for added strength and reinforced seams prevent ripping or tearing even with frequent use.

Here are some other key benefits and features that make this bean bag chair stand out:

  • Oversized 55″ x 55″ size for ample room and multi-person seating
  • Durable childproof zipper for safely securing filler beads
  • Removable/washable cover for easy cleaning
  • Fun, multi-color options including pink, blue, black, purple, lime green and more
  • Lightweight yet sturdy circular design
  • Portable and space saving – deflate when not in use
  • Smooth, breathable, sweat-resistant PVC surface
  • Stable, slip resistant bottom
  • 1 year warranty

The CALIDAKA Oversized Bean Bag Chair is perfect for kids, teens and adults. Its huge size can accommodate one large adult or multiple children. The cozy, ergonomic design enables comfortable support for reading, working on a laptop, watching TV, playing games, or just relaxing.

This bean bag chair makes a fantastic addition to a playroom, family room, basement, bedroom, dorm room or living room. It’s portable enough to move between rooms or take outside. The smooth surface and removable cover make it easy to keep clean.

With its incredible comfort, portable convenience, and stylish design, the CALIDAKA Bean Bag Chair is sure to become your new favorite furniture piece. Order yours today and experience deep, cushioned comfort and support in a fun, trendy package!

Questions and Answers

Question: What size is this bean bag chair?

Answer: This bean bag measures 55 x 55 inches, making it extra large to accommodate one adult or multiple children.

Question: What is the filling made of?

Answer: The filling consists of soft, supple expanded polystyrene beads that conform to your body’s shape.

Question: Is the cover removable and washable?

Answer: Yes, the suede-like PVC cover can be easily removed and machine washed when needed.

Question: Can this bean bag chair be used outside?

Answer: Yes, the durable PVC cover and weather resistant design make this bean bag suitable for outdoor use.

Question: Does this chair come with a filler/beans?

Answer: No, this bean bag requires purchasing filling separately. Expanded polystyrene beads specifically designed for bean bag chairs are recommended.

Question: What colors does this bean bag come in?

Answer: It’s available in a variety of fun colors, including pink, blue, black, purple, lime green and more.


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