Calloway Mills All-Season Natural Coir and Vinyl Backing Doormat, 24″ x 36″



Give your entryway a warm welcome with the Calloway Mills All-Season Natural Coir and Vinyl Backing Doormat. This durable and stylish doormat is made from natural coir fiber woven into a tight, low pile that effectively scrapes dirt and debris from shoes. The vinyl backing helps prevent sliding and movement so the mat stays neatly in place.

Scrapes Away Dirt and Debris

The tightly woven coir fibers act like a brush to remove mud, dirt, leaves, snow and more from shoes before it gets tracked inside. The low pile is dense enough to dislodge debris but soft enough for a gentle scratching action. It’s perfect for high traffic areas and works on all types of footwear from dress shoes to sneakers to boots.

Made from All-Natural Coconut Fiber

Coir is a natural fiber produced from the thick husks surrounding coconut shells. It’s renowned for its durability, versatility and resistance to wear and tear. Coir maintains its integrity even with heavy use and withstands all types of weather. The natural golden brown color is attractive and complements any décor.

Vinyl Backing Stops Sliding and Slipping

Unlike doormats without a nonskid backing, this Calloway Mills mat will stay firmly in place thanks to the vinyl backing. No more tripping over a bunched up mat! The vinyl backing grips most floor surfaces to prevent sliding around, keeping the mat neatly positioned right outside your door.

Oversize Design for Maximum Coverage

Measuring 24 inches wide by 36 inches long, this doormat provides ample coverage in front of doors. The oversized proportions give you more surface area for wiping feet. There’s plenty of room for multiple people to wipe shoe bottoms at the same time. The large size also allows the mat to be used in front of sliding glass doors.

All-Season Performance

This doormat can be used year-round. The natural coir fibers hold up to heavy snow, rain, mud and fluctuating temperatures. Coir won’t degrade or disintegrate after exposure to UV light and weather. Use this mat during the spring, summer, fall and winter for unbeatable performance.

Colorfast and Stain Resistant

You don’t have to worry about the natural golden brown color fading or running if the mat gets wet. Coir fiber is colorfast and stain-resistant. It maintains its attractive hue even after months of exposure to sunlight and rain. Any dirt stains can be easily removed with some soap and water.

Softly Textured Low Pile

Coir has a softly textured feel underfoot that doesn’t scratch or damage floors. The low 0.60-inch pile allows it to gently brush away dirt and debris from shoes. It’s an ideal height for thorough cleaning that won’t trip people up.

Dries Quickly

The natural fibers won’t absorb or trap large amounts of water. When the mat gets wet from rain or snow, it dries very quickly to regain its shape and volume. You won’t have to deal with a soggy, matted down doormat.

Easy Maintenance

To clean, simply shake out or vacuum the mat occasionally to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. For a deeper cleaning, use a garden hose or spray with soap and water, then rinse. Let the mat dry in the sun to renew and refresh the coir fibers.

Long-Lasting Durability

Made properly, coir doormats like this one from Calloway Mills will last for years. The densely woven mat can stand up to high foot traffic areas and repeated scrubbing to remove caked on dirt. With proper care, this mat will provide durable performance season after season.

Makes a Great Housewarming or Holiday Gift

This useful doormat makes a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, housewarmings, weddings and more. It’s a gift that will actually get used on a daily basis. The oversized dimensions provide ample space for gift personalization. Add a monogram or name using vinyl letter decals or stencils and paint.

The Calloway Mills All-Season Natural Coir and Vinyl Backing Doormat is the perfect blend of form and function. With its durable coir fiber construction, oversized dimensions and slip-resistant backing, this door mat scrapes away dirt and debris to protect your floors. Place one outside your entry door to give guests a clean, dirt-free welcome!


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