Calloway Mills Sungate Large Black Rubber Door Mat, 24 x 36 Inch



Welcome friends and guests to your home in style with the Calloway Mills Sungate Large Black Rubber Door Mat. This oversized door mat provides enhanced coverage and durability to handle high traffic areas.

The Sungate mat is made of 100% rubber that won’t crack or buckle under heavy usage. The non-slip rubber backing grips surfaces to stay securely in place, while the textured top scrapes shoes clean of dirt, mud, snow, and debris. This door mat works year-round to keep indoor floors clean.

Key Features:

  • Oversized 24 x 36 inch size provides expanded coverage beyond standard mats
  • Made of 100% natural rubber that is extra thick and durable
  • Textured rubber top scrapes dirt and debris off shoes
  • Non-slip rubber backing keeps mat securely in place
  • Works year-round for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to clean with a hose or power washer

Welcome Guests in Style

Make a great first impression with the Sungate rubber door mat. The oversized size offers expanded coverage beyond standard mats to protect your floors. The textured loop design scrapes shoes clean while welcoming visitors and guests.

The mat’s simple style and neutral black color complements any home decor. Place it outside your front or back door, at your garage entry, or inside foyers and hallways. The durable one-piece molded rubber construction ensures it will provide service for years of heavy foot traffic.

Superior Traction Backing

Many vinyl and coir fiber door mats easily slip out of place. The Sungate mat stays securely put thanks to its non-slip rubber backing. Flexible ridges grip most floor surfaces including concrete, wood, tile, and linoleum.

The rubber backing won’t scratch floors or require a non-slip pad. And it makes the mat easy to reposition whenever you clean floors or rearrange furniture. Even during rainy seasons or snowy winters, you won’t have to worry about the mat sliding around.

All-Weather Durability

Engineered for durability, the Sungate can handle tough outdoor conditions as well as high traffic indoor areas. The molded rubber construction won’t crack, curl, or fall apart like other mat materials.

Leave the mat outside year-round without worrying about damage from sun, rain, or snow. When soils build up, simply hose it off to restore the mat’s clean, fresh look. Power washing occasionally can help remove deeply ground in dirt.

Inside your home, the mat stands up to heavy foot traffic and shoes better than vinyl, coir, or fabric mats. Its molded rubber construction won’t crush under pressure or develop ripples. The rugged mat retains its shape and coverage area despite constant use.

Easy Maintenance

The Sungate rubber door mat requires little maintenance to keep it looking like new. Here are some quick tips for care:

  • Shake or brush the mat outdoors to remove loose dirt.
  • For deeper cleaning, use a garden hose to spray off stuck-on mud or grime.
  • Use a power washer on occasion to blast away ground in debris that normal rinsing won’t remove.
  • Let the mat dry completely before placing it back in service.
  • Avoid using soap or detergents which may leave slippery residue on the mat.

The mat’s molded rubber design prevents it from absorbing and retaining dirt and moisture like other materials. A quick rinse restores the mat’s clean, fresh look.

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Keep your floors pristine while welcoming guests in style with the Calloway Mills Sungate Large Black Rubber Door Mat. This heavy duty mat scrapes shoes clean while providing enhanced coverage beyond standard mat sizes.

The durable one-piece molded rubber design withstands heavy usage indoors and outdoors. Non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in place without scratching floors. Low maintenance cleaning makes it easy to keep this doormat looking like new.

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