Calmootey 5-Tier Shoe Rack – The Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Growing Shoe Collection



Tired of tripping over piles of shoes by your front door? Frustrated with having to dig through a messy closet to find matching pairs? The search for the perfect shoe organization system is over with the Calmootey 5-Tier Shoe Rack. This space-saving rack is designed to keep up to 25 pairs of shoes neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Double the Storage Capacity

What sets the Calmootey rack apart from other options is its innovative double row design. Each tier features two levels of durable plastic trays, allowing you to store shoes side-by-side rather than stacked on top of each other. This gives you the storage capacity of a 10-tier rack in a fraction of the space. No more cramming shoes together or desperately trying to squeeze in just one more pair.

Strong and Stable Construction

Built to last, the Calmootey rack is crafted from thickened iron pipes and high-quality plastic. The metal pipes provide a solid framework to keep the unit stable and prevent tipping. The plastic trays are resistant to cracking and warping even with repeated use. Together, these high-grade materials offer superior durability for years of reliable use.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Putting this shoe organizer together is a breeze. It arrives with all accessories and an illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions. Simply snap the pipes into the plastic connectors and slot the trays onto the shelves. The entire assembly process takes less than 30 minutes and requires no tools. Once built, the rack feels solid and does not wobble.

Flexible Placement Options

Perfect for small spaces, this multi-purpose rack can be utilized in a variety of areas including:

  • Entryway/Mudroom – Provide family and guests an organized area to remove and store footwear.
  • Walk-In Closet – Maximize your closet space by consolidating shoe clutter.
  • Bedroom – Keep bedroom floors clear and shoes stored out of sight.
  • Balcony/Patio – Protect outdoor shoes from elements while keeping balcony tidy.
  • Garage/Basement – Create a clean, dedicated zone for shoes in utility areas.

Keep Your Growing Collection Organized

Let’s face it, for shoe lovers our collections are always expanding. With space to accommodate 20-25 pairs, this 5-tier rack adjusts to fit your needs. The open shelves allow you to easily view and access all your shoes in a glance. Each tray corrals pairs together, making it simple to maintain an orderly display. No more scrambling to find matches or wasting time on shoe clutter.

Effortless Maintenance

From booties to sneakers, keeping your shoe rack clean is a breeze. The smooth plastic trays simply need an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. The open metal frame allows for quick dusting and vacuuming to keep your storage area mess-free. Simply spray racks down periodically with disinfectant to sanitize. With minimal required care, you can spend less time tidying and more time enjoying your footwear.

Reliable Customer Service

Here at Calmootey our top priority is providing exceptional service to valued customers like you. We stand behind the quality of our products and aim for 100% satisfaction. If you have any issues or questions, our helpful support team is ready to assist. Simply contact us and we will work swiftly to resolve any concerns and ensure you are completely happy with this shoe organizer.

Take Control of Your Shoe Clutter Now

Step into organization and order with the space-saving Calmootey 5-Tier Shoe Rack. Its innovative double row design offers ample storage to house your expanding shoe collection while the durable construction keeps everything secure. Designed for versatility, this rack streamlines storage in any room.

Keep those floors clutter-free and shoes organized with the simple yet functional Calmootey Shoe Rack. Order yours today to take control of your entryway, closet, bedroom and beyond!


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