Camco Campsite Welcome Mat Traps Dirt



Keep your home clean with the Camco Life Is Better at The Campsite Outdoor & Indoor Welcome Mat. This durable doormat is specially designed to trap dirt, mud and moisture from shoes to keep floors spotless.

Traps Dirt and Liquid to Keep Floors Clean

The Camco welcome mat features a looped rubber top that effectively scrapes debris off shoes and traps it in the mat. The unique material locks in moisture, mud and dirt so it doesn’t get tracked into your home or RV. No more worrying about dirty shoe prints on your floors or cleaning up after pets who come inside muddy. The mat does an excellent job of capturing mess before it has a chance to be spread around your floors.

Comfortable and Skid-Resistant Backing

While the top of the mat works to clean shoes, the bottom features a rubber backing that grips floors securely. The non-slip surface keeps the mat firmly in place, even in high traffic areas. No need to worry about tripping over a bunched up mat. The rubber bottom also provides cushioning for a comfortable feel underfoot.

Vibrant Design Accents Any Entryway

This doormat features a bright blue background with a fun orange “Life Is Better at The Campsite” logo that adds a pop of color to your entryway. The durable design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use so you can welcome guests in style. Place it outside your front door, at your campsite or inside your RV. Use it in a mudroom, laundry room, garage, kitchen or any high-traffic area.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Constructed from heavy-duty materials, this mat is built to last through years of heavy use. It can withstand the elements when used outdoors as well as constant foot traffic inside. When the mat starts to look dirty, simply take it outside and spray it off with a hose or use a power washer on a low setting to remove built up debris. The rubber top can be scrubbed with a brush. Hang to air dry.

Ideal Size for Most Doorways

Measuring 26.5 x 15 inches, this mat is sized perfectly to fit in front of most standard exterior and interior doors. The rectangular shape also works well for scraping shoes on a grating motion to effectively remove dirt and moisture. The mat is large enough for two footsteps but compact enough not to get in the way.

Key Features:

  • Looped rubber top traps dirt, mud and moisture
  • Non-slip rubber backing keeps mat securely in place
  • Bright, colorful “Life Is Better at The Campsite” logo design
  • Durable indoor/outdoor weather mat
  • Measures 26.5 x 15 inches to fit most doorways
  • Easy to clean by hosing off or power washing

Traps More Dirt and Moisture Than a Typical Doormat

Tired of flimsy doormats that let dirt and water be tracked right onto your clean floors? The Camco welcome mat is made of thicker materials that provide more scraping power to trap mud, dirt and moisture. The looped rubber top has gaps to catch loose debris and lock it into place.

Standard doormats miss catching a lot of what comes off shoes. With the Camco campsite mat, the woven material grabs and traps far more dirt, debris, pebbles, grass, pet hair and any other outdoor mess. No need for constantly mopping up after pets, kids or party guests!

Built Tough for Everyday Heavy Use

From wet and muddy shoes to heavy foot traffic, this doormat can handle it all. The rugged rubber construction stands up to the elements making it ideal for placing outside your front or back door to tackle rain, mud and snow. Use it inside to take on dirt from heavy work boots or constant in and out pet traffic.

The durable mat won’t budge out of place or get worn down quickly like cheaper mats. It keeps working hard day after day without showing wear anytime soon. You’ll enjoy this mat for many years thanks to the superior construction.

Looks Great Inside and Outside Your Home

Welcome guests to your home in style with this bright and colorful mat. The fun “Life Is Better at The Campsite” print adds personality to your entryway. Place it outside your front or back door to greet visitors or set it inside an RV or camper.

The vibrant mat also looks fantastic for indoor use to add a fun accent to any room. Put it in your mudroom, laundry area, kid’s room, dorm or anywhere you want a stylish mat that works hard. The bold design livens up flooring with eye-catching style.

The Perfect Gift for Camping Lovers

Know someone who loves camping and spending time outdoors? This doormat makes a fantastic gift! Campers will appreciate the cute camping quote and how well the mat tackles dirt, leaves, grass, and mud outside the tent or RV. Parents can give it to kids leaving for college to remind them of fun family camping memories.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled with how well this mat helps keep a tidy home after adventures. It catches all the extra dirt and debris that seems to tag along after hiking, camping, hunting or any other activities.

Reasons to Choose the Camco Welcome Mat:

  • Traps dirt, mud, moisture, debris from shoes
  • Rubber top scrapes messes free from shoes
  • Looped woven material locks dirt in mat
  • Non-slip rubber backing stays firmly in place
  • Fun camping design for indoor/outdoor use
  • Durable construction made to last for years
  • Heavy-duty for high traffic areas
  • Easy to clean by hosing off or pressure washing
  • Great size for outside doors and RV entry
  • Makes a fun and useful gift for camping lovers

Keep your floors spotless and greet guests in style with the Camco Life Is Better at The Campsite Outdoor & Indoor Welcome Mat. This rugged doormat tackles dirt so you enjoy clean floors for years to come.


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