Carivia 3 Panel Room Divider – Create Private Spaces and Divide Large Rooms



Do you need to divide a large multipurpose room or create private spaces in your home or office? The Carivia 3 Panel Room Divider is the perfect solution! This freestanding room divider allows you to section off areas in open spaces and instantly transform the look and feel of any room.

Sturdy Steel Frame and Stable Support

The Carivia room divider features a sturdy steel pipe frame that provides stability and durability. The 1.8mm thick steel pipes are coated with a spray finish to prevent rusting and wear over time. Four steel support feet at the bottom of each panel keep the divider firmly in place and prevent wobbling or tipping over. No matter how often you move or rotate the panels, you can trust that the frame will hold up.

Flexible 3-Panel Design

With three foldable panels connected by high-quality hinges, this room divider allows you to create custom configurations. Each panel measures 71 inches high by 34 inches wide. Connect two panels for a 68 inch wide divider or use all three panels to span an impressive 102 inches. The hinged design ensures the panels fold up neatly for convenient storage and portability. Easily collapse the divider when not in use or to reclaim floor space.

Premium Durable Fabric

The divider panels are constructed from premium 130gsm polyester fabric. This finely woven textile offers excellent durability and a luxurious look. The rich black color features a matte finish that complements both modern and traditional decor. The fabric quality prevents ripping, tearing or damage from regular use. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to keep the divider looking new.

Create Private Spaces and Zones

This 3-panel divider is ideal for dividing large multipurpose rooms in homes, offices, studios, classrooms and more. Use it to create a private home office space or reading nook in the living room or bedroom. Block off areas in open concept studios and lofts. Divide a retail showroom into differentiated product zones. Separate workstations in an open office layout or cubicles in a call center. The possibilities are endless!

Stylish Backdrop for Events and Photoshoots

Make a bold stylish statement by using the room divider as an event backdrop or photoshoot background. The sleek black panels look striking on their own and also provide a neutral backdrop that won’t compete with other decor and furniture. The divider adds an elegant touch for parties, ceremonies, conferences and more.

Flexible Use Indoors and Outdoors

This versatile room divider is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The water-resistant fabric allows you to use it outside on a patio, porch, deck or lawn. Move it indoors to divide any living space. The freestanding design requires no mounting or hardware. Simply place it wherever you need a divider.

Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

The Carivia room divider ships ready to use right out of the box. Simply unfold the three panels and connect them using the attached hinges. Adjust the panels to your desired configuration, lock the wheels for stability and enjoy your new private space! Detailed instructions with pictures are included for quick 5 minute assembly.

Stylish Design Enhances Any Decor

With its minimalist black panels, this modern divider complements both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes. The clean lines and muted color allow furniture, art and other decor to take the spotlight. Use the divider to create an accent wall or highlight an architectural feature.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Carivia stands behind the quality of our room divider with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you have any issues, contact our friendly customer service team for prompt help.

Bring both function and style to your home or office with the Carivia 3 Panel Room Divider. Order today to divide large spaces and create private nooks and zones!


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