Case Logic BNB-208 CD/DVD Binder – Store and Organize 208 Discs with Ultimate Protection



Tired of rummaging through piles of loose CDs and DVDs trying to find the one you want? End the frustration with the Case Logic BNB-208 CD/DVD binder! This expandable nylon CD wallet provides the ultimate organization solution to keep your music, movies, photos, and files neatly arranged and protected.

Spacious Storage for Your Entire Media Collection

The BNB-208 CD binder has a mammoth 208 disc capacity to accommodate even the most extensive media libraries. The removable pages feature durable polypropylene ProSleeves that safely separate your discs to prevent scratches. Just flip through the pages to quickly locate what you need. No more fumbling with loose discs or flimsy paper sleeves!

Tough Nylon Exterior Protects Your Valuables

Crafted from rugged nylon material, this CD case is made to last. The exterior withstands scrapes, scuffs, and heat without cracking or deforming. A convenient carrying handle lets you take your CD wallet anywhere. Your entire media collection stays protected on the go.

Designed for Ultimate Organization & Protection

The innovative ProSleeve design cradles discs to keep surfaces safe from dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Integrated universal holes allow you to place sleeves in standard 3-ring binders for customized storage options. Removable pages make reorganizing your collection a breeze. Just rearrange and reinsert pages to update your sorting system anytime.

Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 208 CDs or DVDs
  • Durable nylon exterior for rugged protection
  • Patented ProSleeves prevent scratching
  • Removable pages for easy reorganization
  • Universal holes fit 3-ring binders
  • Handy carrying handle for portability

Say Goodbye to Disc Clutter!

With the Case Logic 208 Capacity CD Wallet, you’ll finally have your media collection stored neatly in one place. No more digging through piles of jewel cases or flimsy paper sleeves. The removable page system makes it simple to arrange your music and movies alphabetically, by genre, by release year, or any way you want.

The rugged nylon exterior and patented ProSleeves keep your discs ultra-protected so they stay scratch-free. Plus, the convenient handle makes this case easy to take anywhere you go. Enjoy quick access to all your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games when they’re organized in this premium quality binder.

Customer Reviews

“This CD wallet is the perfect solution for organizing my huge CD collection. I have over 200 CDs and they were such a mess before. Now they are all neatly organized in one binder. The pages are really high quality and the sleeves keep my CDs from getting scratched up. I can quickly flip through and find what I’m looking for. I wish I had bought this years ago!”

“I bought the Case Logic CD binder to organize all my ripped music CDs that were just sitting in a box. It holds a ton of discs and the construction feels really solid. I love that I can rearrange the pages when I want to resort my music. The nylon exterior keeps the binder nice and protected in my bag during travel. Overall an excellent product I’d highly recommend!”

“As a professional DJ, I have hundreds of CDs that need to be protected when transporting to gigs. This CD wallet is perfect for keeping my huge collection organized and scratch-free. The pages are thick and durable, and I love the patented sleeves that keep discs from touching. Well worth the investment for any serious music collector or DJ.”

Protect Your Media Collection Today!

Keep your discs organized, protected, and easy to access with the Case Logic 208 Capacity CD Binder. The spacious storage capacity, removable pages, and rugged nylon exterior make this the ultimate CD wallet for home, office, DJs, and anyone with a large media library.

Order the BNB-208 CD binder today and say goodbye to cluttered discs! Your media collection will finally have the premium protection and organization it deserves.


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