Case Logic CD Wallet Holds 32 CDs Securely



Keep your music collection organized and protected with the Case Logic CDW-32 32 Capacity Classic CD Wallet. This quality CD wallet features a durable nylon exterior that prevents scratches and dirt from damaging your discs. The patented ProSleeves inside provide an extra layer of defense to keep discs free from dust and debris that can ruin playback.

With room for 32 CDs, you’ll have plenty of storage space for your entire library. The wallet’s compartments hold each disc securely in place to prevent scratching or damage from shaking and motion while stored. This makes it great for transporting CDs in your bag or luggage without worry.


  • Nylon exterior protects discs from scratches and dirt
  • Polypropylene pockets hold up to 32 CDs or 16 CDs with liner notes
  • Zipper closure keeps discs securely inside
  • Holds 32 CDs or 16 CDs with liner notes
  • Patented ProSleeves keep dirt away and prevent scratching
  • Durable padded material resistant to heat, moisture and tearing

The Case Logic CD wallet makes it easy to organize your music library for quick access. Built-in dividers separate discs, with see-through pockets so you can identify content at a glance. This makes it easy to flip through and find the album you want, then gently remove it for playback.

Songs stay protected during transport in the soft sleeve pockets. The nylon exterior also helps shield the wallet contents from rain, spills, or other moisture when on the go. Just tuck the CD wallet inside your bag or backpack and don’t worry about damage.

CDs stack vertically in the wallet pockets, keeping their surfaces safely separated. This prevents the disc scratches that can happen when CDs rub together inside a crammed space. They stay protected and scratch-free even when the wallet is fully loaded.

A zipper runs along the outside perimeter of the wallet, keeping it completely closed. This prevents any CDs from slipping out accidentally if the wallet is tipped over or shaken. The zipper is also handy for securely stashing liner notes inside along with the corresponding CD.

The Case Logic CDW-32 CD Wallet makes it simple to take your music collection anywhere. Keep your car CD changer loaded, backpack ready for tunes at school, or bag packed for travel. Your CDs stay organized, protected from scratches, and ready to play.

If you’re still relying on loose CDs in a box or strewn about, get your library in order with the CDW-32 wallet. Enjoy quick access to your favorite albums with the ability to browse titles at a glance. Grab your preferred listening while keeping discs safely stored away.

Give your CD collection the protection and portability it deserves. Pick up the Case Logic CDW-32 Classic CD Wallet today to neatly organize, store, and transport all your favorite tunes.


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