Case Logic CDP-200 200 Disc Capacity CD ProSleeve Pages (White)



Keep Your CD Collection Organized and Protected with Case Logic CDP-200 CD ProSleeve Pages

Your music collection is important, so protect it properly with the Case Logic CDP-200 CD ProSleeve Pages. These high-quality sleeves allow you to neatly organize up to 200 CDs in a 3-ring binder, ensuring they stay scratch-free and easy to access.

Key Features:

  • Holds 200 CDs – Generous storage capacity for even large collections
  • Ring binder compatible – Pages feature pre-punched holes for standard 8.5 x 11 inch binders
  • Durable polypropylene material – Provides protection against dust and scratches
  • Double-sided sleeves – Efficiently stores CDs with artwork showing on both sides
  • Clear sleeves allow easy content viewing – Quickly flip through your collection to find the right CD

Keep Your Collection Organized and Accessible

Trying to store a CD collection in a shoebox or drawer leads to frustration when you can’t find the album you’re looking for. But with the Case Logic CD ProSleeve Pages, you can neatly arrange your music in a binder for quick viewing and selection.

The pages allow you to separate CDs by genre, artist or any other categories you choose. Just slip each disc into a sleeve and use dividers to create sections. This makes it easy to flip through your collection and immediately find what you want to listen to. No more digging through piles of loose discs!

Protect Your CDs from Damage

CDs are vulnerable to scratches, dust and fingerprints when not properly stored. But the Case Logic pages safeguard your discs in scratch-resistant polypropylene plastic. Each sleeve securely contains the CD, keeping it isolated from any potential threats.

With your music collection protected in the sleeves, you don’t have to worry about discs getting damaged on the shelf. Keep them safe for many years of enjoyment with these high-quality pages.

Show Off Cover Artwork

Don’t hide away the great album artwork featured on your CD inserts. The double-sided sleeves allow you to view cover art through both the front and back of each page. Fill up your binder to appreciate the entire visual collection almost like a photo album.

Flip through the pages to admire all your favorite album designs. The clear plastic ensures the images are vividly displayed without obstruction. Choose to arrange sleeves based on cover art for an aesthetically pleasing music library.

Easy to Add More Pages as Your Collection Grows

When your CD collection expands over time, it’s simple to add more Case Logic pages to accommodate additional discs. Just insert new sleeves in the binder wherever you want to make more room. The 3-ring configuration allows sheets to be rearranged, added or removed whenever needed.

With 200 sleeves included, the CDP-200 set provides ample initial capacity. But the flexibility to add pages prevents wasted space if your library shrinks or grows. Keep your collection neatly contained no matter how many CDs you own.

High-Quality Construction Built to Last

Case Logic utilizes reinforced double-sprocket holes and thick polypropylene plastic for enhanced durability. The sturdy sleeves withstand frequent handling without cracking or tearing. And the pages maintain their integrity over many years of use.

The superior construction also prevents frustrating snags when turning pages. Browse your entire library smoothly thanks to quality engineering. These archival-safe sleeves are designed to serve as long-lasting protection.

Keep Your Music Collection Organized with Case Logic

Don’t resign your CD collection to disorganized boxes or drawers. Keep it neatly arranged and protected with the CDP-200 CD ProSleeve Pages from Case Logic. The high-capacity sleeves are specifically designed to file up to 200 discs in a binder for easy viewing and access.

Protect your music investment from dust and scratches with durable polypropylene plastic sleeves. And appreciate album artwork by showing it off through the clear double-sided pages. Pick up the CDP-200 today to start enjoying a tidy, organized CD library!


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