Case Logic CDW-32 Classic CD Wallet – Store Your Music Collection In Style



Keep your cherished CD collection safe, secure, and easy to access with the Case Logic CDW-32 Classic CD Wallet. This compact organizer is designed to provide optimal protection for up to 32 CDs or 16 CDs with liner notes. The durable nylon exterior and padded design shields your discs from damage while the zippered closure keeps everything securely inside.

CDs hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers. There’s just something nostalgic about holding a physical disc in your hands and appreciating the album artwork and liner notes. While digital music may be convenient, it lacks the tangible charm of CDs. With the Case Logic CD wallet, you can lovingly store and protect your CD collection while keeping it neatly organized.

Ingenious Storage For Your Musical Library

The CDW-32 features 32 polypropylene pockets sized to fit standard CD jewel cases. The pockets allow you to stack two CDs on top of each other in each slot, letting you store up to 32 discs in a slim, compact folio. For bulkier 2-disc sets with liner notes, the wallet can hold 16 CDs. The pockets have a snug fit to prevent discs from slipping out while providing easy access when you want to switch up your playlist.

Patented ProSleeves line each pocket to add an extra layer of protection. The slick surface prevents the soft undersides of CDs from getting scratched or damaged. Your music collection stays pristine even when tossed in a bag or packed for travel. Dual zippers make it easy to grab a disc on the go without spillage.

Take Your Music Anywhere

Measuring just 7.5 x 5.4 x 1.2 inches, the CD wallet has a trim profile that fits effortlessly into backpacks, laptop bags, suitcases and more. The durable nylon exterior and padding shields your CDs from bumps, scratches and debris. Whether you’re road tripping cross country or jet setting overseas, you can take your tunes with you wherever you roam.

The sleek black design looks sharp and professional if you want to keep CDs handy at the office. Despite the compact size, the wallet provides ample storage for dozens of CDs, keeping your collection orderly rather than strewn about your workspace.

Built To Last

Constructed from rugged materials, this holder is made to protect your CDs for years of enjoyment. The exterior nylon material is water-resistant and moisture-wicking. Polypropylene is known for its high tensile strength and temperature resistance. So whether you leave it in a hot car or get caught in the rain, the CD wallet shields your discs from damage.

Case Logic is renowned for making quality carrying cases and organizers designed to keep valuables safe. The CDW-32 carries on that tradition with its resilient, protective construction. Your music collection will stay in flawless condition thanks to the smart design.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Holds up to 32 CDs or 16 CDs with liner notes
  • Nylon exterior protects against moisture, scratches and impacts
  • Padded for extra cushioning and shock absorption
  • Patented ProSleeves prevent disc surface scratches
  • Dual zippers keep contents securely inside
  • Compact size for portability and storage
  • Durable, temperature-resistant polypropylene pockets

Take Your Tunes Anywhere

Your music collection deserves the best protection when you take it on the go. With space for over 30 CDs, the Case Logic CDW-32 lets you take your favorite albums wherever you travel so you always have the perfect soundtrack.

The CD wallet makes a great gift for any music buff or collector. Keep those cherished tunes stored in style with this well-made, high-functioning organizer.

Don’t settle for flimsy holders that allow your discs to get scratched up and damaged. The CDW-32 is built to last and keep your music in flawless condition for years of enjoyment. Order today and keep your collection safe while staying organized on the move!


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