Case Logic KSW-320 Koskin 336 Capacity CD/DVD Storage Wallet – The Ultimate CD and DVD Organizer for Your Massive Collection



Do you have a massive CD and DVD collection that seems utterly unorganized and chaotic? Are you constantly digging through piles of discs trying to find the one album or movie you want to listen to or watch? Then it’s time to get the Case Logic KSW-320 Koskin storage wallet – the ultimate solution for organizing and protecting hundreds of CDs and DVDs.

This innovative CD/DVD wallet from Case Logic provides a compact yet high capacity storage system that can hold an astounding 336 CDs or 160 CDs with liner notes. The durable faux leather exterior not only looks sleek and stylish but also protects your discs from moisture, dirt, dust and abrasion.

Inside, the KSW-320 utilizes a patented Quick-Lock moveable page system that is stronger and more durable than a standard 3 ring binder. Pages lie completely flat for quick and easy access to all your CDs and DVDs. The Fast-File pockets along the inner spine allow you to store up to 16 favorite or currently playing discs for instant access.

CDs and DVDs are securely stored in Case Logic’s patented ProSleeves. These ultra protective sleeves keep damaging dirt and dust away from the delicate surfaces of your discs to prevent scratching or scuffing. Discs slide in and out of the ProSleeves smoothly without sticking or scraping.

Organizing your collection is a cinch with the KSW-320’s innovative labeling system. Both the spine and front cover contain labeling fields where you can identify the contents using the included stickers. The wallet also comes with customizable dividers so you can neatly separate and categorize genres, artists, or any other system you want.

Tired of frantically searching for that favorite album that somehow got lost in the disarray of your existing storage method? Ready to finally organize that massive but messy CD/DVD library into a system that makes sense? Then tame the chaos once and for all with the Case Logic KSW-320 Koskin storage wallet. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Some key features and benefits of the KSW-320 Koskin storage wallet:

  • Holds up to 336 CDs or 160 CDs with liner notes
  • Durable faux leather exterior protects against moisture, dirt and abrasion
  • Patented ProSleeves keep discs clean and scratch-free
  • Quick-Lock page system more durable than standard 3 ring binders
  • Pages lie flat for easy access to discs
  • Fast-File pockets store 16 favorite CDs/DVDs for instant access
  • Spine and front cover labeling fields to organize your collection
  • Customizable dividers neatly separate genres, artists, etc
  • Compact size stores conveniently while providing high capacity

Stop wasting time hunting for discs and start enjoying quick, organized access to your entire media library with the Case Logic KSW-320 CD/DVD storage wallet!

Customer Reviews

“This Case Logic wallet is the perfect solution for organizing my huge CD collection. I have over 300 CDs and they were such a mess before. Now they are neatly organized in one compact place and I can find any album easily. The sleeves keep my discs clean and protected too. I’m so glad I bought this!”

“I switched all my DVDs over to this Case Logic wallet and it’s like I have a whole new movie library! No more stacking DVDs in a big clumsy pile. The customizable dividers and labeling make it so easy to organize everything just how I want. This is a must-have for any large DVD collection.”

“Between my partner and I, we have a massive CD collection that desperately needed organizing. The KSW-320 has been a total game changer! We easily fit all our CDs with room to grow and can actually find the music we want to listen to now. I wish we had bought this Case Logic wallet years ago!”

So don’t waste another minute searching aimlessly for your favorite media. Get the ultimate CD/DVD storage solution with the KSW-320 Koskin wallet from Case Logic! Your media collection will finally be neatly organized for quick access and fully protected in the durable ProSleeves. Order the Case Logic KSW-320 today and tame that messy media library once and for all!


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