Case Logic KSW-92 Koskin CD/DVD Wallet – Store & Protect Your Precious Media Collection



Treat your cherished CD and DVD collection like the priceless artifacts they are with the Case Logic KSW-92 Koskin CD/DVD Wallet. This premium quality storage case provides museum-grade protection for up to 100 discs, keeping them safe from scratches, dust, and other damage.

The Koskin wallet features a sleek, sophisticated design in classic black faux leather. The stylish exterior resists moisture, scratches, and abrasion. Dual zippers allow easy access while closed edges ensure your discs remain securely inside. Interior pockets and sleeves are crafted from soft, non-scratching materials to cradle your discs in comfort.

This well-designed case makes organizing your collection a pleasure. The innovative Fast File pockets provide immediate access to 8 favorite CDs or DVDs for your current playlist. Flip quickly through the other 94 discs stored neatly in ProSleeves that separate and protect. Customizable tabs let you label and find genres or artists easily.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 100 CDs or 46 CDs with booklets
  • 8 Fast File pockets for quick access to favorites
  • Patented ProSleeves protect disc surfaces from dust and scratches
  • Durable faux leather resists moisture and abrasion
  • Lay-flat design for easy access
  • Customizable tabs to organize your collection

Protect Your Precious Discs Like Priceless Works of Art

Your music and movie collections represent years of curation and financial investment. Keep them in pristine condition for decades to come with the museum-quality protection this CD wallet provides.

The soft ProSleeves cradle each disc individually to prevent scratches or scuffing. Unlike plastic inserts that can damage your discs, these sleeves are lined with non-abrasive fabric that keeps airborne particles away.

Dual water-resistant zippers seal out dust and dirt. The durable faux leather exterior resists moisture, stains, and abrasion. Sturdy seams and reinforced stitching add to the cases structural integrity.

When closed, the Koskin wallet protects your discs from damaging elements. Yet it opens flat for easy access when inspiration strikes.

Organize Your Collection for Fast Access

The Koskin makes it simple to organize your music and movies logically. Customizable title tabs allow you to categorize by genre, artist, or your own system. Find exactly what you are looking for in seconds.

Eight specialized Fast File pockets provide immediate access to the discs you use most frequently. Keep your current playlist or queue handy rather than shuffling through the entire case. These innovative pockets make your favorites instantly available.

The dual-zipper design ensures your collection remains securely stored while allowing quick opening from either side. Well-designed features like lay-flat pages facilitate easy browsing and refiling.

Premium Construction for Years of Use

This high-capacity CD wallet is thoughtfully constructed from quality materials to provide a lifetime of service. The synthetic leather exterior offers water resistance and durability without the maintenance issues of genuine leather.

Reinforced stitching and strong seams add structural stability. The robust fabrics wont rip or deteriorate with extended use. Dual zippers open and close smoothly, resisting catches and breaks.

Inside, soft non-abrasive fabric cradles your discs to prevent scratching. The Koskin wallet provides protection without extra bulk or weight. At just over one-inch thick, it slips neatly onto existing media shelves with room to spare.

Take Your Collection Anywhere

The Koskin CD wallet makes transporting your precious music or movie collection easy and safe. Enjoy your favorites anywhere with protection you can trust.

Its compact size is ideal for road trips, vacations, and outdoor excursions. Fill it with a diverse playlist then stash in your backpack or glove compartment. The durable construction withstands being tossed around.

When flying, use it as your carry-on bag for discs. The Koskin wallet ensures your media arrives safely without getting scratched or damaged in transit. Customizable tabs help reorganize your collection after travel.

Give your cherished CDs and DVDs the high-quality protection they deserve. Pick up the Case Logic KSW-92 Koskin wallet today and enjoy your favorite media anywhere you go.


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