ccbye Bamboo Sofa Arm Clip On Side Table – The Perfect Couch Arm Organizer for Your Living Room



Tired of having nowhere to put your drink, phone, or remote while sitting on the couch? Introducing the ccbye Bamboo Sofa Arm Clip On Side Table, the perfect solution for organizing the arm of your sofa! This clever side table easily clamps onto any couch arm up to 3.5 inches thick, providing you with a stable surface for holding drinks, remotes, phones, tablets, books, and more.

Premium Quality Bamboo Design

Crafted from 100% natural bamboo, this sofa arm table has an elegant look that will complement any living room décor. Bamboo is renowned for its strength, durability, and sustainability. The bamboo construction gives this couch arm organizer a lightweight yet sturdy feel.

Multi-Functional and Convenient

The ccbye Sofa Arm Table is extremely versatile and convenient. It rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to swing the table in and out with ease. The table top is large enough to hold standard-sized items with a weight capacity of 10 lbs. The open slat design prevents items from sliding around.

You can use this couch arm caddy for:

  • Holding drinks and snacks
  • Organizing remotes, tablets, and phones
  • Storing books, magazines, and e-readers
  • A convenient spot for pet toys and treats
  • Extra storage space for knitting, puzzles, and more

No more struggling to find a place to set down your items while relaxing on the sofa!

Folds Away Neatly When Not in Use

This sofa arm organizer folds down flat for easy storage when not being used. Simply unclip it from your couch arm and fold the legs underneath. This makes it easy to store away neatly behind or under your sofa when guests come over.

Universal Compatibility and Easy Installation

The ccbye Sofa Arm Table is designed with a sturdy clip that opens wide to mount onto any couch arm from 0.5 up to 3.5 inches thick. It fits most standard sofa arms effortlessly without any tools required for setup.

Installation takes just seconds:

  1. Open the clamp and place over your couch arm at desired position
  2. Tighten the knobs to secure in place
  3. Enjoy your new couch arm organizer!

With padded clamp covers, this table won’t scratch or damage your furniture. It’s easy to move around and reposition on different sofa arms for maximum convenience.

Keep Your Essentials Within Arm’s Reach

Gone are the days of struggling to find a spot for your drink while relaxing on the couch! With the ccbye Sofa Arm Table you’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Imagine sitting down to unwind after a long day – just clip on the arm table, place your cup of tea and TV remote on it, and sink back into the couch cushions. Your important items are right there beside you, not sitting precariously on the floor or crowded onto the coffee table.

This couch caddy makes your living room more organized and decluttered. No more clutter on side tables or accidentally knocking over drinks. Keep the sofa arm clear for a cleaner, tidier look!

Buy the ccbye Sofa Arm Table Today!

Elevate your living room and declutter your couch with this space-saving, multi-functional bamboo sofa arm table. It makes the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, newlyweds, and anyone with a cluttered sofa arm.

Thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted, the ccbye Sofa Arm Table is built to last. Order yours today and enjoy a convenient solution for organizing your couch arm!


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