CCHOME 2 Pcs Black Adjustable Bed Frame Anti Shake Tool – Stop Annoying Squeaks and Wobbles for a Better Night’s Sleep!



Do you dread going to bed each night, knowing your rickety bed frame will creak and squeak all night long? Does your partner keep waking up because your bed headboard bangs against the wall every time one of you moves? Well, say goodbye to those annoyances for good with the CCHOME 2 Pcs Black Adjustable Bed Frame Anti Shake Tool!

This simple but genius device will firm up a loose, squeaky bed frame in seconds. Just stick the rubber stoppers onto the bed legs or headboard, adjust the screw to desired tightness, and voila – no more squeaks, shakes or bangs! The soft rubber cushions also protect your walls from damage.

Silence Annoying Squeaks for Peaceful Sleep

These innovative Anti Shake Tools firmly wedge between the bed frame and wall, removing any looseness that causes noise. The days of being jolted awake by a deafening squeak in the middle of the night are over! Just pop them on, adjust as needed, and sleep soundly like never before.

Many customer reviews confirm the stoppers completely eliminate squeaks on even the rattliest of beds. Your sleep will improve immediately, and so will your mood, focus and health.

Stop Headboard Banging That Disturbs Your Partner

Does your partner wake up every time you adjust in bed, thanks to the headboard banging on the wall? Not anymore! This stabilizer keeps your bed perfectly in place, preventing the disruptive bumping noise.

No more grumpy, unrested partners in the morning. The Anti Shake Tools create a solid, wobble-free setup, so you both can sleep soundly without interruption. Partners of fidgety sleepers especially love them!

Protect Walls from Ugly Damage

All that headboard banging can damage drywall over time. These stoppers have soft cushioning that keeps your bed frame safely in place while protecting walls from dents, paint chips and other wear.

Your walls will look pristine, with no signs of damage from a shaky, unstable bed frame. The included anti-sound pads add extra protection too.

Universal Design Fits Most Furniture

While designed for beds, the versatile Anti Shake Tools can stabilize any shaky furniture, like:

  • Dressers
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Side tables
  • Sofas
  • China cabinets
  • TV stands

Anywhere you have movement or vibration, these stoppers will secure things firmly in place. No more rattling dishes or picture frames!

Easy, Tool-Free Installation

Installation takes just seconds, with no tools required. Just:

  1. Remove sticker backing to expose ultra sticky surface
  2. Firmly press stopper onto bed frame or furniture leg
  3. Adjust screw in or out until desired tightness is achieved

The powerful adhesive keeps the Anti Shake Tool firmly in place, while the screw allows you to easily adjust tension as needed.

Within minutes, you’ll have a solid, stabilized bed frame that stays perfectly in place.

Get Your Bed Firmly Anchored in 3 Simple Steps:

Anti Shake Tool Installation

  1. Step 1) Remove adhesive sticker and press onto bed leg or headboard.
  2. Step 2) Adjust screw in our out to change length until braced firmly.
  3. Step 3) Enjoy your squeak and wobble-free sleep experience!

Reviews from Happy Customers

See what other customers have to say about this game-changing product:

“These stoppers completely eliminated the awful squeaking noise my bed made. I used to wake up multiple times a night from the squeaks but now I sleep soundly through the night!” – Amanda D.

“My husband and I were going crazy from the banging headboard whenever one of us moved in bed. These stoppers keep the bed totally still and silent. No more waking each other up all night!” – Danielle S.

“Not only did this stop the squeaking but it also stopped my bed from shaking when I got in and out of it. The anchors keep it solidly in place with no wobbling or noise.” – Jacob R.

Get Better Sleep & Silence Annoying Noises

If a noisy, rickety bed frame is ruining your sleep, the CCHOME Anti Shake Tools provide an easy, affordable solution. Just stick them on, adjust, and finally enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted rest in silence.

No tools required and installation takes seconds. Protect your walls, improve sleep quality, and keep your partner happier with these simple but ingenious stoppers.

Order the 2 pack now and banish annoying squeaks and shaking from bedtime forever! Your nights will be so quiet, you’ll forget your bed even makes noise.


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