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Tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by your bed banging and rattling against the wall? Frustrated by the constant squeaking and shaking of your furniture? The CCHOME Bed Frame Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set is the perfect solution to stop any rattling and shaking furniture from making disruptive contact with your walls.

This comprehensive anti-shake tool set includes everything you need to easily stabilize wobbly furniture in just a few minutes. The package contains two adjustable threaded stabilizer bars that can be screwed into your bed frame or furniture to keep it a safe distance from the wall. The threaded design allows you to adjust the length between 3.3-4.3 inches, providing the ideal amount of space to prevent rattling and shaking.

The stabilizer bars feature wide paddle heads that press firmly against the wall for optimal bracing support. The paddle heads are covered in a soft EVA foam pad to prevent any damage or marking to your walls. No more annoying paint scrapes or scratches! The EVA foam also helps muffle any residual rattling vibrations.

Installation couldn’t be easier with the included heavy-duty double sided tape. Just peel and stick the tape to the back of the paddle head, then press it firmly on the wall in your desired location. No drilling or hardware required! The strong adhesive keeps the stabilizer securely in place.

Benefits of the CCHOME Bed Frame Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set:

Stops bed frames, headboards, and furniture from rattling against walls
Creates a 3.3-4.3 inch buffer zone to prevent shaking & squeaking
Adjustable threaded length for customized stabilization
Paddle heads with EVA foam protect walls from scrapes and scratches
Heavy duty adhesive for easy “peel and stick” installation
Suitable for beds, sofas, cabinets, bookcases, hutches and more
Whether you’re trying to stop your bed from banging against the wall and waking you up at night or want to keep your decorative curio cabinet from rattling, the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set has you covered. The non-invasive design works on any furniture type without requiring permanent mounting or drilling into your walls or bed frame.

Get a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep again without the annoyance of a rattling, shaking bed. Give your beautiful furniture the stabilization it needs to stand confidently without wobbling or creaking. With the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set, you can finally stop the rattling for good! Order today and say goodbye to noisy, shaking furniture.

What Makes the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set Different?

You might be wondering, how is the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set different than other bed rail stoppers on the market? Here are a few of the key features that make the CCHOME stabilizers the best choice for stopping rattling furniture:

Adjustable Threaded Design

Many stabilizers simply provide a fixed length bar. But the threaded adjustable design of the CCHOME stabilizers allow you to customize the space between your furniture and the wall from 3.3 to 4.3 inches. This ensures you can find the perfect spacing to eliminate all shaking without over-extension.

EVA Paddle Heads

The wide EVA foam covered paddle heads provide optimal bracing surface area. EVA is soft yet incredibly impact resistant to prevent any damage to your walls while firmly stabilizing your furniture.

Heavy Duty Adhesive

Forget about drilling or hardware! The included durable double sided tape provides a quick and easy peel and stick installation. Once mounted, the adhesive keeps the stabilizers firmly in place. No nails or screws necessary!

Compact Size

With a discreet profile and compact size, the CCHOME stabilizers don’t stick out like a sore thumb. The subtle design blends in naturally against the wall.


From bed frames to hutches, the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set can be used on any type of furniture that is rattling or shaking against the wall.


Thousands of customers have trusted the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizers to stop their rattling furniture, read what they have to say below:

“These anti shake stabilizers are amazing! My bed frame would bang against the wall every time me or my wife moved. Some nights it sounded like an earthquake! Installing the CCHOME stabilizers took 5 minutes and completely solved the problem. No more 3am wake up calls from the rattling – I can finally sleep soundly again!”

John S.
“We have antique curio cabinets that we absolutely love but they would shake and creak whenever we walked by. I was so scared they would fall over one day and break. The CCHOME stabilizers were small enough to discreetly install on the back corners and now the cabinets are rock solid. I have peace of mind knowing my precious antiques are safe and secure.”

Amanda R.
“As a nightshift nurse, my irregular sleep schedule means I rely on getting good rest whenever I can. My bed banging against the wall always interrupted my sleep. I was skeptical that anything could solve the problem but the CCHOME stabilizers worked perfectly. It’s been weeks since install and my bed is noise-free. I can sleep so much better during the day without disruption.”

Danielle C.


Package Includes: 2 x adjustable threaded anti-shake bars, 2 x EVA foam paddle heads, 2 x heavy duty double sided adhesive strips
Adjustable Length: 3.3″ – 4.3″
Paddle Head Width: 4 inches
EVA Foam Depth: 0.4 inches
Stabilizer Bar Material: Steel core with aluminum alloy shell
Weight Limit: 110 lbs per stabilizer
Installation Method: Peel and stick adhesive

Stabilize Your Furniture Today!

Stop putting up with the constant rattling and shaking of your unstable furniture. Sleep better, prevent damage, and protect your walls with the CCHOME Anti-Shake Stabilizer Set. With the easy installation and adjustable custom fit, you can quickly solve all your furniture rattling woes.

Click Add to Cart now to get this must-have anti-shake solution for your home! Comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.


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