Celestial Serenity Aurora Borealis Cremation Urn for Adult Ashes – Beautiful Northern Lights Urns for Human Ashes



Treasure the memory of your loved one with the stunning Celestial Serenity cremation urn featuring a breathtaking Aurora Borealis design. This unique urn captures the mesmerizing natural wonder of the northern lights stretching across a tranquil night sky overlooking gently rolling mountains.

Crafted with Care and Built to Last

Expertly constructed from solid brass, this high quality urn for human ashes is designed to beautifully memorialize an adult loved one and safeguard their ashes for years to come. The durable brass build ensures lasting resilience over time while the threaded lid provides a tight seal to keep remains secure. Weighing 4 pounds and with a capacity of 200 cubic inches, this cremation urn can accommodate most adult remains. The elegant shape and stunning Aurora Borealis detailing make this the perfect urn to honor your loved one’s spirit.

Beautiful One-of-a-Kind Artistry

Each Celestial Serenity urn is carefully handcrafted, so no two are exactly alike. Skilled artisans expertly engrave and polish every urn to achieve the unique brushed metal finish. The incredible attention to detail creates unparalleled depth and dimension to showcase the entrancing glow of the northern lights. Every subtle nuance brings the starry landscape to life in a breathtaking display.

Ideal for Home Display

Perfect for showcasing in your home, this striking brass cremation urn makes an impressive memorial centerpiece. The curved shape and artful northern lights design add graceful style to mantels, shelves, and tabletops. The rich metallic hue and elegant detailing complement both traditional and contemporary home décor.

Honoring Beautiful Lives

The dazzling Aurora Borealis pattern commemorates the beautiful spirit that illuminated your loved one’s life. Just as the northern lights brighten the sky with their dancing glow, your cherished one shone brightly and uniquely in this world. Now their essence will continue burning brightly through this memorial urn. There is no better way to honor their memory.

Ensuring Lasting Satisfaction

We take great pride in the quality and artistry of our cremation urns and want you to be fully satisfied with your purchasing experience. We are happy to offer full refunds if needed with no questions asked. It is our privilege to help provide you comfort and closure during difficult times.

Bring tranquility and wonder to your loved one’s memorial with the unmatched artistry of the Celestial Serenity cremation urn. This stunning brass urn with its dazzling Aurora Borealis design offers a unique tribute to honor their spirit. Let its mesmerizing beauty remind you of the light your special person brought into your life.

Product Details

Design: Aurora Borealis night sky overlooking mountains

Materials: Solid brass

Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 6″ tall

Capacity: 200 cubic inches

Finish: Hand-engraved and hand-polished

Plating: Unplated natural brass

Lid Style: Threaded screw-on closure

Interior: protective velvet bag included

Bottom: Felt pad on base to protect surfaces

Weight: Approximately 4 pounds

Origin: Designed and handcrafted in the USA

Unique Northern Lights Design

Our designers expertly captured the magical glow of the Aurora Borealis to create an extraordinary memorial urn. This exclusive northern lights motif is unlike any other urn on the market. The stylized peaks and valleys depicting the mountainous landscape add intriguing depth and dimension. Every custom detail combines to make this a truly one-of-a-kind urn.

Solid & Substantial Build

Constructed from solid brass rather than cheap plated metals, this quality urn offers superior durability to last through the years. The thick stable brass protects contents while also providing satisfying weight and smooth hand-feel. While visually impressive, the urn’s sturdy metallic construction also provides reliable performance. The threaded screw-on lid forms an impenetrable seal to keep remains secure.

Stunning Display Piece

Make your loved one’s memorial a breathtaking focal point by prominently displaying this dazzling brass urn. The graceful silhouette and stunning northern lights motif create an elegant sculptural statement. Lit by natural daylight or artificial lighting, the engraved design seems to emit a celestial glow. This exceptionally crafted urn elevates keepsakes to an inspirational work of art.

Meaningful Memorial Tribute

The northern lights represent the wonder and energy your special person brought to the world around them. Just as the Aurora Borealis fills the night with dancing lights, your loved one illuminated life with their vibrant spirit. The beautiful urn provides a fitting symbol to commemorate their uniqueness. Let its refined artistry and inspiring design reflect the significance of the life it honors.

Satisfaction You Can Trust

We aim for complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with our Celestial Serenity urn, please let us know within 30 days for a full refund guaranteed. We hope this stunning northern lights cremation urn provides comfort and inspiration as you pay tribute to your loved’s life and legacy. Please order with confidence knowing we stand behind the quality and artistry of our products.


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