Cozy Up With the Mood Lifting Big Joe Black Plush Hug Chair



Wrap yourself in a warm, comforting embrace with the Big Joe Black Plush Hug Chair. This three-foot, jet black bean bag chair envelopes you in the softest polyester plush material that instantly improves your mood.

Sinking into the Big Joe Hug Chair feels like receiving a big bear hug that melts stress away. Its supersized shape allows you to curl up and immerse yourself in the cozy embrace. The extra-large size means there’s plenty of room to share with a child, partner, or pet. You’ll never want to leave this comfy cocoon.

Ergonomic Structure Provides Ultimate Support

While it looks like an oversized pillow, the Big Joe Hug Chair has an ergonomic structure designed for optimal comfort. Just enough beans fill the bag to contour to your body’s shape. The back and side support make reading a book or binge-watching your favorite shows incredibly relaxing. The sturdy design holds its shape, so you always get that “ahhh” feeling when sitting down.

Plush Exterior Feels Like a Warm Blanket

The Big Joe Hug Chair comes cloaked in the plushest polyester material imaginable. Running your fingers across the chair feels just like caressing an ultra-soft blanket. The cloud-like exterior adds another layer of coziness that makes lounging in this bean bag an irresistible proposition. You’ll find any excuse to sneak over for a quick cuddle break.

Portable Design Lets You Relax Anywhere

Thanks to the lightweight beans and built-in handle, it takes little effort to move the Big Joe Hug Chair between rooms. Easily transition from gaming in the basement to reading in the bedroom. Unfold it in the living room when friends come over for movie night. Toss it in the car for a picnic at the park. Wherever you go, relaxation comes with you.

Durable Construction Built to Last

While incredibly soft, the Big Joe Hug Chair is not delicate. It features double-stitched seams reinforced with dual zippers that prevent rips or tears. The long-lasting polystyrene beans retain their shape and never go flat. Built in the USA using quality materials, your huggable chair remains in great condition year after year. You can feel good bringing this cozy bean bag into your home knowing it’s a smart, worthwhile investment.

Easy to Spot Clean and Maintain

Life happens, and your bean bag sees it all. Accidental spills and muddy paws happen from time to time. Not to worry. Just unzip the outer cover and toss in the washing machine to refresh the fabric. A simple vacuuming keeps the beans clear of dust and debris. Follow the care instructions, and your Big Joe Hug Chair continues providing daily comfort for years to come.

Your New Favorite Seat in the House

Whether young or young at heart, the Big Joe Black Plush Hug Chair appeals to all ages. It becomes the most popular spot for reading, playing video games, watching movies, cuddling pets, enjoying snacks, and just chilling out. The supportive feel and ultra-soft exterior create a magnetic attraction whenever you walk by. Soon this oversized bean bag becomes the hottest seat in the house that everyone wants to hog.


  • Dimensions: 36” L x 36” W x 24” H
  • Weight: Approx. 7 lbs
  • Materials: Ultra-soft polyester plush cover, polystyrene beans
  • Care instructions: Spot clean cover, vacuum beans periodically
  • Weight capacity: Perfect for one adult or two small children
  • Color: Solid black
  • Made in USA

Bring home the cozy comfort of the Big Joe Black Plush Hug Chair today. This human-sized bean bag allows you to sink into its soft embrace as all your worries melt away.


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