Create a Private Dressing Space Anywhere with CDDUOLA’s L-Shaped Fitting Room Curtains



Do you need a quick and easy way to create a private dressing area or partition space in your home, store, or business? Look no further than CDDUOLA’s L-Shaped Fitting Room Curtains! These innovative corner-mounted curtains provide total privacy without taking up your entire room.

The thick woven fabric and overlapping L-shape design ensure no one can see through while you’re changing clothes or want privacy. At the same time, the curtains don’t block natural light like solid walls or doors would.

Features and Benefits

  • L-shaped corner mounted rods extend out at 90 degrees to cover two adjacent walls
  • 220 cm long curtains provide full body coverage
  • Twilled weave fabric is opaque for total privacy
  • Wall-mounting hardware included for easy DIY installation
  • Metal rods with high-temp paint won’t bend or rust
  • Numerous hooks connect curtains smoothly along rods
  • Can be used as room divider or dressing room in any space

Whether you need a fitting room in your clothing boutique, privacy in a shared bedroom, or just want to section off part of a room, these L-shaped curtain dividers are the perfect solution.

DIY Installation in Minutes

Installing the CDDUOLA corner curtains takes minimal time and effort. Simply determine where you want the curtains mounted, drill holes for the included wall anchors, and attach the L-shaped curtain rod. Use the provided hooks to smoothly connect the curtain panels to the rods. That’s it!

The extendable metal rods and opaque fabric immediately provide a private screened-off space. And since there’s no permanent construction, you can easily move the divider curtains to new locations or remove them anytime.

Use Them Just About Anywhere

These versatile L-shaped curtains have limitless possibilities:

  • Dressing Rooms & Fitting Areas – Instantly create private spaces for trying on clothes in boutiques, department stores, tailor shops, and more.
  • Medical Offices – Divide exam rooms or provide privacy screens in clinics, hospitals, physical therapy offices, spas, and other health facilities.
  • Schools – Use as dividers in classrooms, gyms, art rooms, clinics, laboratories, libraries, and other educational spaces.
  • Homes – Set up a personal dressing corner in a bedroom or living area. Also great for screening off other home spaces like laundry areas.
  • Businesses – Add flexible partitions or barriers between work stations in open office layouts.
  • Events – Create pop-up dressing areas at weddings, performances, conventions, and other special events.

Anywhere you need a temporary divider, shield, or private space, these L-shaped curtain rods and screens do the job sublimely.

CDDUOLA Quality You Can Trust

CDDUOLA has been a trusted brand for home and commercial use partition curtains for over a decade. Their top priority is durable, high-quality materials that serve customers well for years.

The thick twill weave fabric prevents peeping or seeing through while also holding up to frequent slides and use. The full steel curtain rods feature a baked finish to prevent rusting or bending. Sturdy wall mounting plates and anchors keep the whole unit securely in place.

With proper care, these hard-working curtains will provide reliable privacy for dressing, room division, and more for many years to come.

Order Your L-Shaped Fitting Room Curtains Today!

Experience the convenience of instant space division with CDDUOLA’s clever corner-mounted curtains. In just minutes, you can set up a private dressing room or flexible partition anywhere.

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