Creative Scents Dublin Small Covered Trash Bin – Space-Saving yet Large Capacity Bathroom Garbage Can



Tired of bulky, ugly trash cans cluttering up your home? Look no further than the Creative Scents Dublin Small Covered Trash Bin, the perfect compact wastebasket that doesn’t compromise on size or style.

This bathroom garbage can features a simple yet striking crosshatch pattern in a rich brown hue, marrying form and function beautifully. The Dublin design is inspired by timeless woven artwork, lending a touch of artisanal charm to this covered trash can.

Built using durable resin, you can trust this waste bin to withstand daily use without wear and tear. It won’t succumb to stains, rust, cracks, or other damage like cheaper plastic, cloth or metallic bins. The smooth, easy-clean surface also resists odors and grime, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh.

Perhaps the best part? This small trash can boasts a deceptively ample 8.5” x 6.5” x 10” capacity, fitting far more than its trim silhouette suggests. No more overflowing rubbish despite the wastebasket’s compact footprint. It’s perfect for tight bathrooms where you want necessary utility without eating up precious space.

The removable lid adds the finishing touch, covering trash neatly when not in use. Gripping cutouts allow you to lift it on and off smoothly. This prevents any unsightly mess or foul odors from escaping. The lid’s flat top even provides a handy surface to temporarily place items!

Key Features:

  • Compact 8.5” x 6.5” x 10” size fits tight bathrooms
  • Durable resin construction resists damage and stains
  • Striking woven Dublin crosshatch pattern adds artisanal flair
  • Removable lid keeps trash out of sight and contain smells
  • Ample 8.5 liter capacity for a small footprint

The Perfectly Sized Wastebasket for Small Spaces

Searching for a bathroom trash can that doesn’t monopolize precious floor space? This Dublin covered bin is ideal, with dimensions of just 8.5” length x 6.5” width x 10” height.

You get an 8.5 liter capacity for daily rubbish and recyclables – ample room without an overbearing footprint. The vertical rectangular shape also tucks neatly into corners, discreetly fitting alongside toilet, sink or cupboard.

Gone are the days of jamming an oversized, garish bin into your snug bathroom. This slender Dublin garbage can adds subtle utility without overwhelming your space.

Yet despite its compact shape, there’s plenty of inner storage to last between empties. You won’t need to take out trash more than once a week. Used tissues, cotton pads, empty shampoo bottles and more will fill up the bin without overflowing onto the floor.

Crosshatch Weave Pattern Adds Rustic Warmth

The intricate crossed checkerboard pattern adorning this covered trash bin lends artisanal craftware appeal. Double diamonds interlock in a 3D cube design, resembling handwoven artwork.

This gives a touch of organic texture and visual interest to an otherwise ordinary household item. The rich coffee brown color furthers the rustic charm, reminiscent of earthenware jugs or wicker baskets.

As a result, this wastebasket seamlessly matches traditional, country, or farmhouse style decor. The Dublin motif injects artisanal flair into your bathroom, rather than clashing with your existing scheme.

Despite its craftwork inspired look, the bin comprises durable resin rather than natural fibers like rattan or bamboo. You enjoy resilient construction and easy care without compromising on aesthetics.

This small bathroom trash can brings decorative style to an everyday necessity. Let the cube pattern warmth enhance your space while neatly stashing rubbish out of sight.

Durable Resin Build Surpasses Plastic, Metal and Cloth

Here at Creative Scents, we wanted to re-imagine the humble waste basket as a stylish yet sturdy fixture. That led us to construct the Dublin bin using resin composite rather than traditional materials.

This high-tech substance provides a winning combination of decorative design, resilience, and fuss-free maintenance. Let’s compare it to standard trash can choices:

Plastic: Prone to cracks, scratches, and sun damage. Looks cheap.

Stainless Steel: Noisy to use. Dents easily. Rusts over time.

Cloth: Absorbs stains and odors. Not durable.

Wicker: Fragile. Ages quickly, becoming misshapen.

Resin: Enjoys incredible impact and stain resistance without degrading over time. The innovative Dublin bin retains its just-purchased look for years of reliable use.

Say goodbye to trash can woes! Our resin construction is virtually indestructible compared to common bins. This wastebasket withstands rowdy kids, messy spills, color-staining products and heavy loads without issue.

No more constant bin replacing or unsightly damage. We back the Dublin trash can with a 1-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Removable Lid Keeps Trash Hidden & Odors At Bay

Don’t you hate unsightly open trash cans overflowing with rubbish? Our Dublin waste basket remedies this with a handy removable lid, disguising contents and trapping smells inside.

The flat, understated lid blends with the minimalist cube pattern, slipping on or off neatly when needed. Generous cutouts make lifting on and off a breeze. With the lid removed, you have unobstructed access for trash disposal.

Then simply pop it back on to conceal garbage away until taking the bin out. For extra convenience, the lid’s flat top lets you temporarily place items on it like soap, brushes or even drinks!

Most small trash cans lack lids, leaving their messy contents exposed. Our Dublin bin hides rubbish from sight, keeping your bathroom pristine. The lid also stops any fouls odors from escaping, leaving your space fresh.

No more holding your nose when you get too close to the wastebasket! The sealed design contains smells for a pleasant bathroom experience.

Gift This Stylish Yet Functional Trash Bin to Loved Ones

Still searching for a meaningful yet practical gift idea? Look no further than our Dublin bathroom trash can!

Everyone needs an attractive, hard-wearing wastebasket for their home. This covered bin makes a wonderful present for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and more.

New homeowners will appreciate a long-lasting bathroom accessory. Newlyweds setting up their first home together will find the Dublin bin invaluable. Or surprise your style-conscious yet practical friend with this gift!

Being both beautiful and highly functional, this resin wastebasket makes a memorable present they’ll enjoy for years. The slim shape takes up minimal space too – ideal for cramped apartments and small bathrooms.

For an extra special touch, pair this trash can with other matching Dublin accessories like tissue boxes, soap trays and tumbler sets. Create a warm, cohesive look in their bathroom decor!

The durable construction also means you give a gift built to last. They’ll think of your thoughtfulness each time they use this bin for years to come.

Click “Add to Cart” Now to Enjoy a Sleek Yet Capacious Bathroom Trash Can

De-clutter your bathroom and add sophisticated style with the Dublin Small Covered Trash Bin by Creative Scents. Between the space-saving rectangular shape and ample capacity, it’s the ultimate wastebasket for tight spaces.

Durable resin construction and a concealable lid add further utility, while the artisanal woven motif provides decorative flair. This bathroom garbage can blends form, function and quality craftmanship.

Bring home hassle-free rubbish removal and elevated style today. Click “Add to Cart” now to own this compact covered trash bin before we sell out!


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