D&D Dice Chest – Sturdy Oak Wooden Dice Box and Storage for Tabletop RPGs



Transport your dice collection to adventures untold with the D&D Dice Chest – a handcrafted oak wood dice box designed to hold a full set of polyhedral RPG gaming dice. This wooden chest measures just 1.25 x 1.25 x 8.5 inches, making it the perfect portable size for taking your dice to game nights, conventions, or anywhere your tabletop adventures may lead.

Store Your Dice in Style

The D&D Dice Chest is made from quality oak wood with an elegant red stain that will elevate your dice above basic plastic containers. The sturdy wooden construction protects your dice from damage while the compact size takes up minimal table space.

Seven carefully designed compartments keep each die type separate and easily accessible. Strong neodymium magnets click the lid securely closed, preventing your dice from spilling while stored or transported. Each section is properly sized to fit standard sized RPG dice sets, including the essential D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, D6 and D4 dice.

Premium Protection for Your Gaming Dice

Unlike cheap plastic boxes or bags, the sanded and finished oak wood looks beautiful and provides a sophisticated dice storage solution. The soft material cushions dice inside each section so they won’t get scratched or damaged while being stored and transported.

The compact chest design ensures your dice stay right where you left them, without rattling around and getting lost in transit. The magnetic closure keeps the lid tightly shut until you’re ready to roll for initiative or make your next saving throw.

Bring Your Dice Collection Everywhere

The portable D&D Dice Chest is perfect for bringing your collection to game nights at home or at your local game store. Its compact size takes up little room in your backpack or bag. The sturdy wooden construction ensures your dice will arrive safely, ready for your next quest.

Game masters will love having quick access to reference dice behind the DM screen. Players can keep their full set organized in one container, avoiding time wasted digging for the right die mid-game. Minimize table clutter at conventions and RPG events by keeping your dice in your chest until it’s time to roll.

Make an Impression at Your Next Game Night

Elevate your dice above cheap plastic sets and leave a lasting impression on your gaming group with the distinguished style of the D&D Dice Chest. The handcrafted oak box shows you’re serious about your tabletop RPG gear.

Your fellow players will be envious of your organized dice storage solution. The stylish design even makes a great gift for the RPG player in your life.

Premium Quality Wooden Construction

Each D&D Dice Chest is carefully constructed from quality oak wood for superior durability that protects your dice and withstands years of regular gaming use. The elegant red oak stain and sanded finish look beautiful on any tabletop.

Smooth sanded edges prevent snagging on clothes or scratching table surfaces. Neodymium magnets are securely embedded in the lid and base to keep the box tightly closed for confident portability.

Organize Your Collection in Style

Step up your RPG gaming accessories with the D&D Dice Chest and keep your essential polyhedral dice organized in handsome oak storage. The versatile design works great for any tabletop RPG like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and more.

Whether you’re a game master or heroic adventurer, your dice collection deserves a stylish home. Transport your dice to the tabletop realms of your imagination with a D&D Dice Chest!


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