Decorate Any Space Beautifully with These Versatile Mirror Tiles



Add a touch of elegance and visual interest to any room in your home with this set of 9 shatterproof mirror tiles from BBTO. With a combination of 3 large tiles measuring 23 x 15 cm and 6 small tiles measuring 15 x 15 cm, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to get creative and design dazzling accent walls, backsplashes, tabletops, and more.

The sleek, modern look of these mirrored tiles allows you to easily elevate the style of your space. Their high-gloss finish reflects light beautifully, making any room appear brighter and more spacious. Use them to accent a plain wall in your entryway, highlight a kitchen backsplash, or liven up a boring bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

Shatterproof and Safe for Any Environment

Unlike traditional glass mirrors that can easily break, these mirror tiles are made from flexible plastic. This makes them completely shatterproof and safe to use even in homes with kids and pets. No more worrying about shards of glass scattered everywhere if the mirror gets knocked over or dropped.

The PET plastic material also provides a smooth, clear reflection that looks just like real glass. The plastic is durable yet lightweight enough to stick to any smooth surface.

Self-Adhesive Backing for Quick and Easy Application

Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, installing these mirror tiles takes just minutes. Simply peel away the protective film, press the tile onto your desired surface, and smooth down. The strong adhesive keeps each tile securely in place, while still allowing you to reposition or remove them without damaging your walls.

Before applying, make sure to clean the surface thoroughly and ensure it is smooth and flat for the best adhesion. Once mounted, the tiles hold tightly, so take care when removing them. You may need a hairdryer or other heat source to soften the adhesive.

Vibrant Reflection in Any Size You Need

With two different tile sizes included, you can mix and match to create dazzling mirror designs. Use the 6 x 6 inch tiles to cover a small area or combine them in patterns. The larger 6 x 9 inch size provides bigger impact for highlighting larger spaces.

At just 1 mm thick, the slimprofile tiles are lightweight and flexible enough to mount on curved or uneven surfaces. Bend and manipulate them as needed for DIY craft projects. Their plastic construction also makes the tiles easy to cut to any custom shape if desired.

Use Them Just About Anywhere

Decorate your home with these versatile mirror tiles in so many ways:

  • Line a boring wall with tiles in an alternating pattern for reflective flair
  • Create a modern backsplash over your kitchen countertop or bathroom sink
  • Use over wallpaper or painted walls to create faux windows or double the visual space
  • Frame a mirror above a fireplace mantel or dresser
  • Make a gorgeous statement headboard
  • Use in place of cabinet doors for an open, airy look
  • Decorate furniture tops like dressers, side tables, nightstands
  • Reflective tiles as an accent wall in a home bar or makeup vanity
  • Line mirrors along staircases or hallways to make them appear larger
  • Add pops of glitter and shine to holiday decor
  • Mosaic designs on tabletops, headboards, or ceilings
  • Use in crafts and jewelry projects
  • Decorate planters, vases or terrariums

Let your imagination run wild with all the creative ways to use these mirror tiles at home. Their stylish look complements any decor from modern to traditional.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Keep Clean

The plastic mirror material wipes clean easily using a microfiber cloth or regular window cleaner. Keep some rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner on hand to quickly remove any fingerprints or smudges. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing too hard, which could scratch the reflective surface over time.

Pro Tip: Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish onto the corners and edges of the tiles to help seal and prevent moisture damage. Reapply as needed.

High Quality & Reliable Construction

BBTO mirror tiles deliver exceptional quality and durability. Only premium shatterproof PET plastic is used to provide a crystal clear, non-distorted reflection. The 1mm thickness offers a nice balance of flexibility while still maintaining shape.

These tiles feature industrial strength adhesive backing tested to hold up well in moisture and everyday use. Install them once correctly, and they’ll stay firmly in place.

BBTO provides excellent customer service and stands behind their products. Your order comes neatly packaged and ships fast so you can start on your DIY mirror projects right away.

Take Your Decor to the Next Level!

Elevate your home’s style affordably and easily with this versatile set of shatterproof mirror tiles. Their modern reflective shine looks fantastic in any room, while the self-adhesive backing allows quick decor upgrades without the mess or hassle of traditional mirrors.

With flexibility to cut, shape, and install these plastic tiles just about anywhere, you’re limited only by your creativity. Get started on some beautiful mirrored designs to see your space in a whole new reflective light!


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