Discover Faster, Finer Blending with Braun’s Most Advanced Hand Blender Yet



Introducing the Braun MQ7035X MultiQuick Immersion Hand Blender – engineered with groundbreaking technology to deliver faster, finer blending and chopping with less splashing than ever before. This powerful 500W stick blender features Braun’s innovative Easy SmartSpeed technology, allowing you to intuitively adjust speeds based on texture – no more fussing with preset speed buttons. Just gently push the button for coarser results or increase pressure for smoother blending.

ActiveBlade Technology Takes Blending to the Next Level

But it doesn’t stop there. The MQ7035X incorporates ActiveBlade technology, with a flexible stainless steel blending shaft that moves up and down for more thorough blending. This unique motion creates a more active cutting surface to break down ingredients faster. No more annoying unblended bits in your soups, smoothies, and sauces. Just silky smooth, flavorful results every time.

Say Goodbye to Splashing with Advanced SPLASHControl

Splashing can be one of the most frustrating parts of blending, but Braun’s advanced SPLASHcontrol technology helps keep it under control. The uniquely designed bell-shaped blending shaft and POWERBell Plus blade prevent suction for splatter-free blending. No more mess to clean up afterwards! Blend right in the pot or bowl with confidence.

Chop and Puree with Ease

The MQ7035X doesn’t just excel at blending – it can handle all your prep work with ease. With the EasyClick Plus attachment system, quickly switch between the blending shaft, 2-cup chopper, and whisk attachment as you cook. Chop onions, herbs, nuts, and more to your desired texture. Whisk eggs, batters, and dressings in a snap. Mash softer foods like bananas or avocados for baby food. The possibilities are endless.

Powerful 500W Motor Handles the Toughest Ingredients

This workhorse packs a 500 watt motor to power through even the toughest ingredients like ice, frozen fruit, nuts, seeds, and hard veggies. The extra POWERBell Plus blade provides more slices per rotation to grind down large, dense foods. Whether you’re blending a green smoothie packed with kale or a hearty butternut squash soup, you’ll get smooth, even results. No chunks or burnt out motors.

Anti-Splash BPA-Free Beaker for Blending On-The-Go

The MQ7035X comes with a convenient 20oz anti-splash beaker, perfect for blending smoothies, baby food, salad dressings, marinades and more to enjoy at home or on-the-go. The plastic beaker is BPA-free and features an inner measurement scale so you can easily see portions. Fill it up, blend, pop on the lid, then wash later. No need for extra cups or transfer of liquids.

Whisk, Chop, and Puree All in One Single Device

With the MQ7035X, there’s no need for multiple appliances cluttering your kitchen. This 3-in-1 immersion blender allows you to blend, chop, whisk, mash, emulsify, and puree – all with one handy stick blender. The chopper attachment lets you prep ingredients like herbs, garlic, nuts, veggies, and cheese into the perfect consistency. Whisk eggs, batters, and dressings in seconds with the included whisk.

Engineered in Germany with Braun Quality

Backed by over 50 years of Braun quality and German engineering, you can trust this stick blender to deliver performance and durability. The durable stainless steel blending shaft and attachments are built to last. And with Braun’s 2-year limited warranty, you can blend with confidence knowing your MultiQuick hand blender is covered.

Experience next level immersion blending and chopping with the Braun MQ7035X MultiQuick Hand Blender. Order now and enjoy faster prep and easier cleanup in your kitchen.


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