Discover the Beauty of Natural Wood with Axeman’s Extra Deep Floating Shelves



Bring a touch of natural warmth and rustic style into your home with Axeman’s extra deep floating shelves. Handcrafted from solid reclaimed elm wood, these shelves make a stunning decorative statement in any room.

The rich, varied tones and textures of the natural elm wood grain give each shelf its own unique character. Axeman hand selects each piece of elm for its beautiful knots, whorls and grain patterns, ensuring no two shelves are exactly alike. The wood is left in its raw, unfinished state, accentuating the natural grain and organic charm.

At a substantial 1.37 inches thick and a full 8 inches deep, these floating shelves have an extra-sturdy solid wood construction. The deep shelves provide ample display space for your treasured belongings. Show off decor items, plants, books, photos, collectibles and more. With a weight capacity of 45 pounds per shelf, you can confidently style and arrange displays without fear of collapse.

The clean, floating shelf design is achieved thanks to Axeman’s innovative hidden bracket system. The metal brackets affix directly into wall studs for a secure mount. The flush design conceals the brackets, creating the illusion that the shelves are effortlessly hovering on the wall. The sleek floating effect puts the focus on your shelf contents and the beautiful natural wood grain.

Display these rustic floating shelves in your living room to add an earthy, handcrafted element. The reclaimed wood and visible grain provide a wonderful contrast to sleek, modern decor. Or use them in a home office as chic open shelving to store books, framed photos and small plants. The neutral wood tone complements any color scheme.

In the dining room,these unique shelves are perfect for showing off your glassware, serving pieces or sentimental dinnerware collections. Or mount them in the kitchen to store cooking essentials like spices, oils and condiments. The rich wood grain and organic shape adds natural warmth to otherwise sterile spaces.

The bathroom is another wonderful spot to install Axeman’s floating elm shelves. Display rolled towels, candles, small decor items or toiletries atop the shelves in a spa-like display. The simplicity of the raw wood floating shelves contrasts beautifully with white subway tile, granite countertops and other sleek bathroom finishes.

With their generous depth and weight capacity, these sturdy shelves are also ideal for use in home offices, dens, bedrooms and kids’ rooms. Use them for open book storage, displaying trophies or awards, holding potted succulents and more. Their versatility and easy installation means they look great anywhere you need extra storage with style.

Axeman takes pride in crafting quality wood products that add natural elegance to your living space. Their floating shelves are built to last from ethically-sourced reclaimed elm. The unfinished raw wood will develop a gorgeous patina as it ages. And the concealed brackets provide secure mounting that will keep your shelves neatly aligned on the wall for years to come.

Bring a touch of rustic farmhouse charm into any room with Axeman’s extra deep floating elm shelves. With their handcrafted salvaged wood construction and clever hidden brackets, these shelves make a design statement anywhere you install them. DISPLAY YOUR UNIQUE STYLE.

Product Highlights

  • Handcrafted from solid reclaimed elm wood with beautiful, varied natural wood grain
  • Axeman hand selects each piece of elm for its gorgeous knots, whorls and texture
  • Wood left unfinished to highlight the raw, organic beauty of the natural elm grain
  • Substantial 1.37 inch thickness and extra deep 8 inch size
  • 45 lb weight capacity per shelf for sturdy home display
  • Innovative flush mount brackets affix securely to wall studs
  • Brackets conceal nicely behind shelf for clean “floating” look
  • Rustic charm complements modern, farmhouse, industrial and traditional decor
  • Display in living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office, bathroom
  • Organic styling accentuates any color scheme or palette
  • Ethically sourced reclaimed wood makes a green decor choice
  • Develops a rich patina over time – unique aged charm
  • Easy 10 minute installation with included hardware
  • Made by Axeman, trusted creators of quality wood products

Reclaim the Warm, Organic Beauty of Solid Elm Wood

Axeman’s floating elm shelves allow you to enjoy the richness, texture and variation of natural solid wood grain within your modern home. Sourced from reclaimed elm, these shelves showcase all the knots, whorls, color variations and imperfections that give elm its wonderful rustic appeal.

The unfinished raw wood is left just as it was found, with no stains or lacquers applied. This shows off elm’s inner warmth and beauty at its finest. The wood’s natural grain and aged patina tell the story of the tree’s life – giving each shelf a depth of character you won’t find in mass produced products.

Elm’s organic grain patterns and earthy brownish-red hues add cozy rustic flair to any space. The wood’s darker knots and color variations provide lovely visual interest. Displayed decor seems to pop against the dynamic wood backdrop.

As a hardwood, elm is naturally very dense and resistant to warping or splintering. This makes it an ideal material for durable furniture, flooring and decorative wood pieces like these shelves. Axeman’s elm shelves are crafted using traditional wood joinery techniques to ensure their integrity and strength.

The extra thick 1.37 inch plank design provides each shelf with outstanding stability and rigidity. Elm’s sturdy composition coupled with the shelves’ generous 8 inch depth enables them to hold substantial weight without sagging. You can confidently style full-sized hardcover books, sizeable decor items, small to medium houseplants and more.

Elm’s strength also makes it the perfect wood for Axeman’s innovative hidden bracket mounting method. The integrated flush brackets keep the shelves firmly anchored to the wall and aligned straight. The discreet metal brackets tuck away out of sight behind the shelves, maintaining the clean floating aesthetic.

Display Your Style With Rustic Warmth

Make a design statement and add cozy rustic ambiance anywhere with Axeman’s floating reclaimed elm shelves. Their depth and steady construction allow for creative display possibilities limited only by your imagination.

In the living room, use the shelves in groupings to craft an eye-catching focal point wall. Arrange framed photos, art prints, pottery and collected curios across the shelves. Or keep it simple with a few favorite hardcover books and a trailing ivy plant.

In the bedroom, display stacked novels and reading glasses on one shelf, and perfumed candles and a small jewelry box on another. Let the warm hues of the natural wood soothe and relax you. Or mount the shelves above the bed for layered bedside display.

In the dining room, showcase vintage porcelain pieces handed down by grandparents, or stacks of pretty tea cups and saucers. Or create a practical spice rack, with jars of your favorite cooking spices lined up in size order.

In the office, use the shelves to store reference books by color, or to display meaningful awards and achievements. Or get creative with a desktop succulent garden, using the shelves as mini plant stands.

In the bathroom, line up neatly folded towels, aromatic soaps, candles and small decor pieces. Or stack fluffy washcloths and rattan baskets holding cotton swabs and other necessities.

The options are endless with these versatile floating elm shelves. Their generous proportions and stable solid elm build allows for anything you can imagine. Display collections, books, photos, art and treasured objects with a backdrop of gorgeous natural wood grain.

Axeman Quality Wood Craftsmanship

Axeman takes pride in creating high quality, unique wood products that enhance your living space. They source distinctive reclaimed woods, like elm, for their beauty and ecologically friendly appeal.

Using traditional techniques perfected over decades, Axeman’s skilled woodworkers hand craft each shelf to highlight the wood’s organic splendor. The personalized construction allows the natural variations and character of the elm to shine through.

The innovative mounting system keeps the shelves neatly aligned and firmly anchored. Screws affix the discreet metal brackets securely to wall studs for stability. The floating design focus remains on your displayed belongings and the lovely wood grain.

Axeman’s elm floating shelves lend warmth, texture and rustic style to any room. Their sturdy build, generous proportions and adaptive look makes them a design investment sure to become a treasured focal point for years to come.

Bring a touch of nature’s raw, organic splendor into your home decor with Axeman’s reclaimed elm floating shelves. These handsome shelves will only increase in beauty as they age and the elm wood develops its signature softened patina.


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