Elevate Your Entertainment Center with This Versatile Floating Shelf



Tired of a cluttered TV stand overflowing with devices and tangled wires? Our floating shelf provides a clean, minimalist solution to organize your home theater. With its sleek and modern design, this wall mounted media console creates a polished look for any living space.

Introducing the BiJun Floating TV Shelf, an innovative entertainment center that saves floor space while providing ample storage. This compact shelving unit seamlessly mounts onto your wall to hold your TV, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more. Its minimalist aesthetic blends beautifully into any decor from industrial lofts to cozy living rooms. No more cluttered floors or dusty media consoles – this wall-mounted shelf provides a tidy solution for your AV equipment.

Unleash the Potential of Your Living Space

Designed for smaller homes and apartments, our space-saving floating entertainment center gives you back valuable real estate. By mounting your TV and media components on the wall, you can reclaim floor space for lounge chairs, side tables, or reading nooks. Even large-screen TVs become less imposing.

The floating media console shelf allows you to make the most of awkward wall space and corners. More than just a TV mount, this multi-purpose shelf has enough capacity for all your media essentials. Unclutter your existing TV stand or entertainment unit by moving secondary devices such as your cable box, DVD player, video game system, and streaming stick onto our minimalist wall shelf.

Built from premium steel with a sleek powder coated finish, the sturdy BiJun TV shelf can hold up to 60 lbs when mounted correctly onto studs or solid masonry. The open design allows for ventilation to prevent your AV components from overheating. Cables and cords easily thread through the back of the unit, keeping wires neatly hidden from view.

All the hardware needed for installation is included. Follow our easy instructions to securely mount your shelf onto studs in just minutes!

Organize Your Media Center with a Streamlined Design

Say goodbye to the tangle of wires, remotes, and devices cluttering your TV stand! The BiJun floating shelf organizes your home theater equipment into a clean, contemporary display.

The open concept provides easy access to your devices while keeping cables concealed at the back. Built-in dividers help you neatly arrange components and prevent them from scratching each other. With dimensions of 23.6” x 10.2”, the shelf provides ample space for your flat screen television up to 55”, cable/satellite box, gaming consoles, DVD player, soundbar speaker, and more.

The neutral metal finishes and rectangular silhouette effortlessly blend with any wall color or decor. Mount multiple shelves together for a coordinated look when accommodating larger home theater setups. When it’s time for a change, the floating console shelf is easy to reposition.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Elevate your TV to a comfortable viewing angle while freeing up floor space with the BiJun wall mounted media console. The height is adjustable up to 15.7” from the wall to reduce glare and optimize your vantage point when seated. Angling your television downwards also provides ergonomic viewing from multiple positions around the room.

By mounting your TV higher on the wall, you can reduce strain on your neck and eyes. The floating shelf positions your screen at eye-level to avoid slouching or craning your head to see. This improves posture and viewing comfort.

Create an Immersive Entertainment Hub

The minimalist BiJun shelf integrates beautifully into any living room, bedroom, or den to create an immersive entertainment space. As a corner TV stand, it maximizes awkward angled walls. The open sides give your room a light and airy feel compared to bulky entertainment units.

Use multiple floating shelves to design a complete media wall. Mount your television in the center, flanked by matching shelves for speakers, gaming systems, and media players. The unified look makes a stylish statement.

For a surround sound home theater, position shelving units evenly around the TV to hold your speaker systems. The acoustics will shine without a media console obstructing the sound. Your components are neatly mounted within arm’s reach for easy access.

With its contemporary design, the floating entertainment center shelf complements any decor. Its versatile uses range from a streamlined TV stand to display shelves for plants, books, or collectibles.

Simple and Secure Installation

Mounting your new floating shelf is a breeze with the included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. The multi-purpose TV shelf comes ready for installation right out of the box.

Built from heavy-duty steel, each bracket can hold up to 30 lbs. Simply secure the mounts onto wall studs with the screws and anchors provided. The unique triangular design provides superior strength and stability. Adjust the height and angle as desired up to 15.7” out from the wall.

Slots on the back of the shelf easily slide right onto the brackets. The shelf locks securely in place with the included screws. Run any cables through the back before mounting your devices.

Safely hold your flat screen television, media consoles, and accessories with confidence. Proper installation directly into wood studs or concrete ensures the shelf can hold a maximum load of 60 lbs.

Upgrade your entertainment center with this versatile wall mounted media console shelf. Reclaim floor space, reduce clutter, and streamline your living room electronics into one sleek, floating shelf.


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