Elevate Your Space with the BRIEFHUMAN Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Trash Can



Take your home or office decor to the next level with the stunning BRIEFHUMAN Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Trash Can. This small yet mighty trash receptacle adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any space.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

This can features a beautiful gold brushed finish on durable stainless steel construction. The subtle shine and luster of the gold brushed exterior will make this trash can the focal point of any room. The smooth, fingerprint-proof surface resists smudges and cleans up easily.

The double layer design is both functional and attractive. The removable outer shell fully conceals the trash bag and any unsightly messes inside. No more worrying about messy bag overlaps detracting from the beauty of this can. The inner bucket lifts out for quick and easy bag changes.

Perfectly Sized for Small Spaces

This trash can is specifically designed for smaller areas that need waste containment without taking up much precious floor space. With dimensions of 10.6 x 8.86 x 8.86 inches (H x L x W), this can is ideal for bathrooms, powder rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more. The 2.7 gallon capacity is plenty for these smaller rooms without requiring frequent emptying.

The compact footprint slides effortlessly beside or under desks, next to toilets or in corners. Finally, a beautiful trash can that works for tighter spaces and smaller waste disposal needs.

Built to Last

This trash can is constructed from heavy-duty, high-grade stainless steel to withstand the rigors of daily use. The watertight design prevents leaks and helps contain odors. Sturdy side handles allow for easy repositioning.

The high-quality materials and solid engineering ensure this wastebasket will maintain its elegant appearance for years. It’s backed by a 20-year warranty, so you can be confident your investment will last.

Elevate Your Decor

This BRIEFHUMAN trash can brings a touch of contemporary elegance and luxury to your home. The gleaming gold brushed finish is subtle yet striking, sure to impress guests. The clean lines and simple silhouette integrate seamlessly into any decor style from modern to traditional.

This garbage can is perfect for elevating smaller spaces like:

  • Bathrooms – Provides a touch of elegance beside the toilet or sink.
  • Powder rooms – Stylishly conceal waste in a guest bath or half bath.
  • Offices and desks – Maintain organization next to office furniture.
  • Bedrooms – Discreetly conceal waste in an accent corner.
  • Kitchens – Coordinates beautifully with gold accent hardware.
  • Entryways and foyers – Greet guests with a subtle designer touch.
  • Laundry rooms – A small addition that makes a big impact.
  • Dorm rooms – Add style in tight quarters.

This trash receptacle pairs perfectly with gold bathroom hardware and accessories. The neutral metallic color works great with any color scheme. Modern, glam, traditional – this can fits right in.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

BRIEFHUMAN provides a 20-year warranty on the Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Trash Can. We stand behind the quality and longevity of our products. If you are not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund or replacement.

Elevate your home decor today with the striking BRIEFHUMAN Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Trash Can.


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