Enjoy Sophisticated Style with Bormioli Rocco’s Elegant Tumbler Glassware Set



Entertain and dine in exquisite style with this beautiful set of 12 tumbler glasses from Bormioli Rocco’s acclaimed Bodega collection. These Italian-crafted glasses feature a gorgeous, crystal-clear design that elevates any tablescape or bar setup with refined sophistication and timeless elegance.

Skillfully manufactured in Italy from durable tempered glass, each glass has a substantive feel and pleasing weight yet retains a delicate balance and profile. The 12oz tumblers are perfectly sized for water, juice, iced tea, lemonade, and any spirit on the rocks from whiskey to gin to vodka. Their versatile medium capacity also works well for cocktails like the classic Negroni or Bloody Mary.

With their clear, sparkling glass and streamlined silhouette, this set of glasses lends an airy, modern touch to your dining room. Plus their transparent clarity allows the vibrant colors and carbonation of your favorite beverages to shine through. Whether you’re serving guests at a dinner party, stocking the home bar for cocktails, or just want to elevate your everyday drinking experience, these glasses deliver sophisticated style to any occasion.

Savor the Nuanced Flavors of Your Drinks

Beyond their elegance, the brilliant clarity and fine rim of these Bormioli Rocco tumblers enhance your drinking pleasure by showcasing the taste and aromas of your beverages. The clean, tempered glass doesn’t impart any flavors, allowing you to savor the complex notes of a quality wine, the crisp effervescence of sparkling seltzer, or the herbal accents of a freshly mixed cocktail.

The flawless, smooth rims also provide a comfortable drinking experience. No annoying drips down the side of the glass or messy splashing as you sip. Just pure drinking enjoyment.

Crafted from Crystal Clear Tempered Glass

Made in Italy from tempered glass via specialized heating and cooling techniques, these drinking glasses offer long-lasting clarity and durability.

The tempering process strengthens the molecular structure of the glass, making it more resistant to breakage, chipping, and thermal shock. While thinner than regular glass, tempered glass is actually up to 5 times stronger.

Even with daily use, the crystal-clear temper of these Bormioli Rocco tumblers retains its luxurious transparency and won’t cloud or fade over time like cheaper soda lime glassware can.

The glasses emerge from both the dishwasher and hand washing sparkling clean with their refined translucency intact. They will maintain their sophisticated aesthetic with ease.

Versatile Glasses Suit Any Setting

With their universal 12oz size and timeless silhouette, this set of tumblers transitions seamlessly between settings.

Use them to serve water or iced tea with weeknight dinners. Then break them out again on weekends to serve blended cocktails or Aperol spritzes at your next dinner party.

Their durable tempered glass construction also makes these great for stocking a home bar or outfitting a restaurant. Providing guests and patrons with such elegantly modern glassware enhances their experience while adding an upscale touch to your space.

Designed in Italy and expertly crafted to elevate your table, the Bormioli Bodega tumbler set delivers sophistication and versatility for everyday use through special occasions. They make a thoughtful gift or self-upgrade to any glassware collection.

Set of 12 Medium Drinking Glasses

This set includes 12 matching clear tumbler glasses, each with a 12oz capacity. The sleek modern profile has a thicker weighted base and smoothly drawn rim for comfort and balance.


3.75 inches diameter at top
4.5 inches tall
12 ounce capacity
Box includes 12 tumbler glasses total. Glasses are packaged well for safe shipping.

All Bormioli Rocco glassware is lead-free and meets FDA (USA) requirements for food contact use. The included tumblers feature the Bormioli mark of authenticity on the base.

Sturdy yet Beautiful Glassware for Daily Use

While thinner and more delicate in feel than rugged pub pint glasses, these elegant tumblers are still everyday drinking glasses built for regular use.

The tempered glass construction gives them unmatched durability and strength compared to standard glassware, making them highly resilient to chipping and breakage.

Don’t reserve these glasses just for special occasions. Their versatility and durable design allows for everyday use while still retaining their refined beauty. Drink your morning orange juice from them just as you would your fancy cocktails.

For All Your Drinking Needs

With their 12oz capacity and sleek style, this versatile glassware set suits all types of beverages:

-Iced Tea or Lemonade
-Beer or Cider
-And more!

The modern silhouette feels at home in any barware setup or dining space. Freshen up your current glassware or give it as a special gift.

Quality Glassware Proudly Crafted in Italy

Bormioli Rocco brings generations of Italian glassmaking heritage to this set of beautifully functional tumblers.

Since 1825, Bormioli Rocco has paired their artisanal mastery of glass with innovative technology to create refined, durable glassware. The brand is revered worldwide for excellence in both form and function.

The Bodega tumblers deliver on this reputation with their crystal clarity, lightweight feel, and effortless sophistication. Enjoy Italian style at your own table every day.

A Touch of Refinement for Any Tablescape

Whether you’re hosting a festive brunch, kicking back with beers during the game, or just enjoying a relaxing nightcap, these versatile tumblers elevate the experience.

With their clear glass and clean lines, the glasses imbue any tablescape or bar with contemporary elegance. Their pleasing substantial heft also conveys quality and sophistication.

Yet the smooth silhouette remains familiar and comfortable. These tumblers blend into any setting while still lending an uplifting touch of refinement.

Washing Instructions

While their durable tempered glass construction allows these glasses to be washed daily without issue, always exercise some care when washing glassware by hand or machine.

Handwashing Instructions:

Wash gently using warm water and mild soap or detergent. Avoid abrasive scrubbing.
Rinse thoroughly.
Air dry completely before storing to avoid spotting.
Dishwasher Instructions:

Place glasses securely in top rack, avoiding overcrowding.
Use a gentle wash cycle with warm or low heat drying.
Allow to fully dry before handling to prevent breaking or chipping.
With routine care, these tempered glass tumblers will maintain their sophisticated clarity and become a staple of your glassware collection.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the enduring elegance and quality of these Bormioli Rocco drinking glasses. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely happy with this tumbler set for any reason, please contact us to arrange a refund or replacement.

Elevate your barware, boost dinner parties, and sip in style with this essential set of 12 versatile tumblers. Italian-crafted glassware that’s durable enough for daily use yet refined enough for special occasions—exclusively from Bormioli Rocco.


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